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  1. Blackspear

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    Please add BOTH a VERY SHORT and to the POINT Question and a link to the appropriate Answer.

    See the following EXAMPLES on the FORMAT required

    I will maintain this first post with the shortened versions.

    [4] Locked Files. Answer and Answer and Answer

    Changing your eMail address. Answer

    Difference between NOD32 2.5 versions. Answer

    EMON, can I turn it off as I don't use Microsoft Outlook. Answer and Answer

    EMON, what is it, what does it do? Answer

    Error (106) Answer

    Error (111) Answer

    Error (116) Answer

    Error (121) NOD32MOD. Answer

    Error occurred during communication with NOD32 Kernel. Answer

    Error occurred while scanning active boot sector of the 1. physical disk. Error reading sector. What does it mean? Answer

    Error occured while scanning MBR sector of the 2 physical disk. Error reading sector". What does it mean? Answer

    Export NOD32 Settings. Answer and Answer

    False Positives - where to submit to. Answer and Answer

    Floppy drive not ready on shutdown. Answer

    gethostbyname, parameters: return value: 11001 Answer and Answer

    Gmail - how to have NOD32 scan emails. Answer

    Google Desktop Search Incompatibility Answer

    Icon isn't showing in the system tray. Answer

    Incorrect Username and Password - how to enter correctly. Answer

    Infected / Quarantine Folder missing. Answer

    Install Blackspears settings in no time. Answer and Answer

    Installation Fails. Answer

    License Expiry. Answer and Answer

    Lost Username and Password. Answer and Answer and in AUSTRALIA

    Manually update NOD32 offline. Answer

    Magictune 3.6 conflicts with NOD32. Answer

    Mirror - how to create? Answer

    Missed updates. Answer

    Multiple boot system (single PC) - how many licenses? Answer

    Nero 7 Toolbar detected as adware. Answer

    NOD32 Virus Encyclopedia

    Norton/Symantec removal before installing NOD32. Answer and Answer

    Offline Update. Answer

    Old Definitions Keep Coming Back. Answer

    Outlook 2003 connected to Exchange server issues. Answer

    Password protected settings, can't remember the password. Answer

    Pirate Servers - Reporting. Answer

    PST files, are they scanned? Answer

    Reinstalling NOD32. Answer

    Renewing NOD32 - how? Answer

    Safe Mode - no written logs? Answer

    Security Center does not recognize NOD32. Answer

    Server connection failure. Answer

    Slow Internet connection after installing NOD32. Answer

    Splash Screen - how to disable? Answer

    Statistical information has been sent to Eset, what is this? Answer and Answer

    Submitting samples and suspicious files to ESET. Upload a sample at and Answer and Answer and Answer

    System Restore infection removal - Answer

    Trial to Full version - How? Answer

    Trial versions - do I need to uninstall before upgrading to the Full version? Answer

    Threatsense - what information is sent? Answer and Answer

    Unable to connect to the Internet after installing NOD32. Answer

    Unable to Install New Version. Answer

    Update Error occurred while updating program modules (Cannot replace the current file. Check the system TEMP and TMP variables). Answer

    Update is not digitally signed. Answer

    Updates fail in Vista. Answer

    Upgrade to v2.70.39 of NOD32 as a Program Component Upgrade, why is this not automated? Answer and Answer and Answer - Corporate Clients: Answer

    Upgrades to version 2.7 and version 3.0 are they FREE? Answer and Answer

    User does not have administrator privileges. The anti-Stealth technology is working in limited mode (when using VISTA) Answer

    Username and Password - how to enter. Answer

    Username and Password for a retail boxed version of NOD32. Answer and Answer

    Version 3.0 when will it be released? Same answer as given for version 2.7 Answer

    Version 3.0 will there be a stand alone antivirus only version? Answer

    Virus Removal. Answer

    Virus Removal with already infected system - now installed NOD32. Answer

    Virus Removal from System Restore. Answer
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    LOL, would rather have what is constantly questioned here at Wilders.

    Cheers :D
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  7. ASpace

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    Windows Security Center in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 /Windows Vista no longer detects NOD32

    Although NOD32 is installed , running and updated , Security Center suddenly started to report that either :

    1) No Antivirus is installed
    2) Eset NOD32 is out-of-date

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  8. J-Mac

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    NOD32 2.7 is reporting to Windows Security Center on my PC's:

    "ESET NOD32 antivirus system 2.70 is reports that it is up to date and virus scanning is on."
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  9. Blackspear

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    HiTech_boy was adding a further item to be included in the first post of this thread as a "Frequently Asked Question".

    Anything that is constantly asked about, I add to the 1st post.

    Cheers :D
  10. Megachip

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    Q: Incompatibility with Google Desktop Search

    A: Install the lastest Google Desktop Search as refered here.
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    Why isn't there an automatic upgrade to v 2.70.39 of NOD32 as a Program Component Upgrade?


    Solution for small clients with Standart editions
    If you are "paranoid" , download NOD32 v 2.70.39 and manually install it over your current version

    Solution for larger clients/companies/organisations
    Contact Eset Tech Support to be provided with special Mirror to get .39 as a PCU

    Thread which explains in details
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  17. ASpace

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    Hi all !

    I think these could be updated

    The new web-submission form from ESET can be added as a way to submit samples+info about them to ESET Labs ;)
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    megane1, your post was moved out of this thread to your ongoing thread here regarding your install issues.

    phvik, your post has been moved out of this thread and placed into a thread of it's own for further assistance. You can access the thread here.

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