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Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by ursus, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. ursus

    ursus Guest

    I have spywareblaster, and in it's list of things to block is, tribalfusion, i have this checked for
    protection, it's even in my, restricted sites list, and also in a host file, so it's not picked up.
    when i do an ad-aware scan, it shows up anyway,
    when i delete it, it takes the checkmark out of
    spywareblaster, so i recheck it, for blocking, and
    it shows up again in the ad-aware scan, is it not blocking it, or does it show up because,in rechecking it, it reappears in my registry. I've
    even deleted it from the registry, and that disables
    it in spywareblaster, so i recheck it for protection,
    and it's back in the registry, and every where else,
    is there any way to block this so it does'nt keep
    showing up? ursus.
  2. MikeBCda

    MikeBCda Registered Member

    Jan 5, 2004
    southern Ont. Canada
    Hi ursus, and welcome,

    I doubt seriously whether Ad-Aware or SpywareBlaster is related to your problem. Ad-Aware is "smart" enough to check the registry entry all the way through, as opposed to some other anti-spyware products which detect only the entry's presence and flag it as what in effect is a false-positive.

    If what Ad-Adware is finding is something other than the restricted-site entry that SB creates, I suspect you've picked up actual malware. Try a HijackThis log at one of the sites that still does analysis of those -- we no longer do here at Wilders.

    (Useful link, please, anyone?)

  3. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003
  4. ursus

    ursus Guest

    *puppy* Hi, Thanks to both of you for your reply,
    i'll run hijackthis, and send it to one of those links
    to have it checked. Thanks Again, ursus.
  5. ursus

    ursus Guest

    *puppy* I did what you said , and had someone check my, HJT. log file, they said it looked fine,
    so i guess i'll have to look somewhere else for
    an answer. Thanks Again, ursus. *puppy*
  6. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Apr 15, 2002
    Even tho I scanned with Adaware with the previous .def file....and then re-scanned with the 21.06.2005 .def file....I could not get Adaware to recognize neither the Spywareblaster tribalfusion.com Cookie entry....nor the tribalfusion.com Restricted Sites entry.

    Would you mind posting an Adaware scan log Please....or show the entry that it is finding.

    Please deselect "Search for negligible risk entries" before scanning....as negligible risk entries (MRU's) are not considered to be a threat and can add wayyyy to much to a log. When the scan has completed, click "Show Logfile". Copy/paste the complete log file in a thread of your own. Do not quarantine or remove anything at this time, just post a complete logfile.

  7. ursus

    ursus Guest

    *puppy* Sorry i've been so long in getting back.
    here's one file, the other two are similar, but
    they're txt. files.
    Referencefile : SE1R50 13.06.2005

    obj[0]=IECache Entry : Cookie:chuck sholder@tribalfusion.com/

  8. ursus

    ursus Guest

    *puppy* I just did another scan...It did'nt show
    any tribalfusion because i have it quarantined.
    Here's the new scan....in part, there's one more like it, but it's a txt. file.
    Tracking Cookie Object Recognized!
    Type : IECache Entry
    Data : chuck sholder@clickbank[1].txt
    TAC Rating : 3
    Category : Data Miner
    Comment : Hits:1
    Value : Cookie:chuck sholder@clickbank.net/
    Expires : 12-20-05 1:55:32 PM
    LastSync : Hits:1
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