PestPatrol program update 1-6-2004

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by FanJ, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. FanJ

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  2. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    OK, I first wanted to show again here the screenshot of the PP-Info-tab, but somehow the board-software does not allow me to do so.
    So be it...

    Anyhow here is the info from NISFileCheck, telling me that keypatrol.exe and kpexc.dat were deleted after the latest update.

    Could anyone, who might be using PP, confirm this? Thanks ;)


    Application: c:\program files\pestpatrol\keypatrol.exe
    Status: Changed: (Deleted, File not found error)
    Version old: N/A
    Size old: 120832
    Date old: 2003-08-07 21:24:10
    RMD160 Hash old: 845F0261090AE27211F48FCC120705F0FFC39D3B

    Application: c:\program files\pestpatrol\kpexc.dat
    Status: Changed: (Deleted, File not found error)
    Version old: N/A
    Size old: 1835614
    Date old: 2004-04-08 19:46:12
    RMD160 Hash old: FB5CFE8801BA9A5D8D3AFD68D00BDA033C7E45CB

    Application: c:\program files\pestpatrol\pestpatrol.exe
    Status: Changed
    Version old:
    Version new:
    Size old: 1243648
    Size new: 1248256
    Date old: 2004-04-02 05:42:00
    Date new: 2004-06-01 15:30:20
    RMD160 Hash old: BC28064ADD13805F349B2A421477D8034B196DAC
    RMD160 Hash new: 443E3E4E35C5F4EC85BF8DF1120C3DC5EF5403D6

    Application: c:\program files\pestpatrol\pestpatrolcl.exe
    Status: Changed
    Version old:
    Version new:
    Size old: 833536
    Size new: 836608
    Date old: 2004-04-02 21:45:54
    Date new: 2004-06-01 15:07:50
    RMD160 Hash old: 38A25561F2A188AD4A73719DDF7F923618686E74
    RMD160 Hash new: F47B32043034A5FF2525FB6741F8D11EDA9A0D42

    Application: c:\program files\pestpatrol\excludedpests.dat
    Status: Changed
    Version old: N/A
    Version new: N/A
    Size old: 137
    Size new: 139
    Date old: 2003-09-14 04:36:06
    Date new: 2004-06-03 03:28:30
    RMD160 Hash old: 6A17C815A5F010CB04FEA084CC3602A4DF0AC6F3
    RMD160 Hash new: A8DD7F38867250880E9F9A062D4F29F73A94E79B
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  3. 2ndsite

    2ndsite Guest

    Yes i can confirm that i no longer have Keypatrol or Kpexc after the update. Looks like another Pest Patrol screw-up. Are they ever gonna get this thing working right?

    FanJ i wanted to let you know that your version of PPMemcheck is outdated. Your version says 4/19/03 and the current version is dated 5/25/04. I have been having alot of problems with Pest Patrol updates lately and asked about it in another thread. I also tried to notify you of your outdated file, but i guess you didn't see it. You can view it here.
  4. 2ndsite

    2ndsite Guest

    I'm glad you squared away that PPMemcheck situtation FanJ. But now back to why Pest Patrols Key Patrol & Kpexc are missing. Anyone hear what's going on ? And why these files were deleted?
  5. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

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