Other Anti VIRUS poll.

Discussion in 'polls' started by Fajo, Sep 15, 2008.


Post a Therad at the time that say's NO A Vs B.

Poll closed Sep 25, 2008.
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  2. No

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  3. Fajo your Strange.

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  4. LowWaterMark is Someone's Hero.

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  1. Fajo

    Fajo Registered Member

    Jun 13, 2008
    Ok this is a poll for WaterMark.

    Simply this poll is whether or not we should have POSTED in Big bold letters NO A Vs B in the other anti virus forum. that way people might actually see it. :D and for heavens sake Liston to it.

    Please keep in mind. that this whole purp of this thread is im sick of seeing good threads get closed because people cant seem to SEE the rules. alot of them have good topic's and end up getting closed because they ether did not know, or just has convenient forgetfulness.
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  2. Antarctica

    Antarctica Registered Member

    Feb 25, 2003
    Fajo, you're strange...:D
    Big bold letters or no will not change anything in the human beeing nature.
  3. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator

    Aug 10, 2002
    New England
    Indeed. From experience we know people rarely read rules, or if they do, they think that what they've read doesn't apply to what they are about to post.

    Take HijackThis Logs (spyware cleaning) postings as an example. Wilders Security stopped doing one on one spyware cleaning over 4 years ago, and yet, people still register new accounts here to post a log for review.

    We've posted in many places that we don't do log reviews here. It's in the "Forum Rules" box on the first page of the Registration process (that you're supposed to read and confirm with a checkbox that you have read) in big bold letters:

    It's also stated in the first section of the FAQ, and in the forum Terms Of Service. There's a thread in the Announcements section. The last post in the Hijack cleaning section (which is visibly closed and has been for 4 years) shows and links to the policy. There's another copy of the policy as a sticky in that section, and another in the forum section above it.

    While the number of people registering to post a log has slowed, (used to be daily (during the first year), then a couple a week (second year), then one every week or two (third year)), we still get one or two per month, blowing right past all those notices and registering a new member account just to post a log. As with every thread like it, we link the policy statement, and refer the person to a list of forums that provide that service. The forum is littered with closed HJT log postings, all which link the policy again, and yet... People still do it.

    There are several rules like this one, and they are written in one or more places and linked usually from many others. There are just too many things that would have to be posted "big and bold", not just the "AV vs AV" rule. If we made them all big and bold, the forum would be nothing but giant, bold, red policy notes.

    Anyway, thanks for the thoughts, but I think we'll forego posting the AV vs AV policy anywhere other than where it already is located, that being 1. in the policy sticky right at the top of the anti-virus software section, and 2. In the forum TOS, the two most likely places where people should be reading the policies and rules.

    Oh, and you'd probably have to ask the member Someone directly about who their hero is. Not sure that it's me. :D *puppy*
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