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    Oct 28, 2012
    I have posted on the Eset Beta forum with no luck and no support from Eset as a Beta though was the cloud live scan showed clean which caused this... I opened the file after clean scan and basically lost almost all of my os. I am locked out of system settings by password, no boot options listed. I have Isass.exe ( it is listed as same name legitimate exe but different spelling as has a capital I )trojan onboard which has deployed rapidly, lost all control now, my firewall and all security related options are now rendered useless, i have a user with special permissions who controls all remotely, have had my registry altered, fraudulent sll root cert add ons, the user is listed a number, most files in regedit controlled and this number beginning with 51 has it appears full control. I am attaching a log file but as you will see most of my os is completely being destroyed rapidly while my support in anything but that, not sure if will have any os left6 soon so is my last roll of the dice, i am begging if any tech savvy guys can advise if understand the log. By the way i tried viewing the file properties and denied, tried stop the process - denied- deleting the file - denied, all mbam - Eset etc show all fine, in the virus data base it states my firewall and security is now useless and it seems correct. I am asking for extremely urgent help asap plz as doubt will be online long as deploying more as i type :( Sorry am unable to attach log as the forum will not let me upload again frustratingly but the post by me previously has the log and the number is 2136814 Please help asap as not much of my os left so i can only pray now i receive before completely dead os

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