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    If you're new to TrueImage Home and want some reading resources, these links may answer many of your questions.

    [size=+1]How to Guides & Miscellaneous[/size]​

    1. --
    2. Beginners:--How to Backup/Restore Guides V9-10-11
    3. Help Guide on Upgrading to larger harddrive V9-10-11
    4. Help Guide on Cloning using V9-10-11
    5. Clone or Restore using Resize comparison
    6. TrueImageHome "Partition or Disk to Restore" Screen
    7. How To Delete Disk Partitions Using TrueImage Home
    8. Instead Of buying an external drive, consider buying a dual purpose combination.
    9. Future Expansion
    10. Future Expansion
    11. Future Expansion

      Guides by MudCrab
    12. How to Create an Acronis Bootable USB Hard Disk
    13. Create a Bootable VistaPE USB Hard Drive or Flashdrive
    14. Create a Bootable Flashdrive Using Grub4DOS
    15. VistaPE Guide - Creating a VistaPE CD
    16. Fix Vista so a Repair is not needed after a restore or clone
    17. Download location of the Safe version (image by MudCrab.)
    18. Introducing MustangPEBuilder for True Image Home 2009 by Mustang
    19. Future Expansion
    20. Future Expansion
    21. Future Expansion

    22. Cloning Questions
    23. What is benefit of cloning rather than creating backup image?
    24. Best practice for cloning a Dual Boot system?
    25. How to Upgrade a Laptop hardrive(Multiple pages)
    26. When/Why do people mount
    27. Access to archive mounting

    28. Recover lost space using the Secure zone trick by DwnNdrty.
    29. Windows XP does not boot after restoring (240 versus 255 head geometry problem).
    30. Tatou backup's methods--one large drive with many externals
    31. Seekforever's Backup Procedure
    32. Backup Methods by Alan B
    33. Hints on using TrueImage Home by seekforever
    34. Validation by SeekForever
    35. Helpul Comments about Windows Scheduled Tasks by Bruce
    36. Xpilot's Using V9 & secure zone
    37. Thread by Dwalby: Restore failed. Prior restored succeeded. Lesson learned the hard way (almost).
    38. 2009 build number location.
    39. Picture of my backup folders
    40. Picture of my backup locations March 27
    41. Ok to use Computer during Image
    42. Create and Configure Backup Locations Incremental.txt by CatFan432
    43. Limitation os the Acronis software included with Seagate Disk Wizard by Mustang
    44. How to change boot order in BIOS
    45. Lightning strike- Yes they do happen
    46. Troubleshooting optical drives
    47. Location of Windows XP Disk Management option=......Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Disk Management
    48. Future Expansion
    49. Future Expansion
    50. Future Expansion
      ---- New user info by Gene Barlow at UGR----

      [size=+1]Acronis support postings:[/size]​
    51. Acronis support: How to create V11 Rescue CD
    52. Creating Acronis Bootable Media on a USB Flash Drive
    53. Backing Up Data Stored on USB Flash Drive
    54. Acronis® True Image 11 Home Videos
    55. Acronis User manuals Download
    56. Un-install True Image Home--Cleanup utility (TI 2009 & V10, V11,& DD10)
    57. Details of how to create a Secure Zone by Support
    58. Starting Acronis Product from USB Flash Drive
    59. Using Batch Files in Acronis True Image(Many Samples)
    60. Future Expansion
    61. Future Expansion
    62. Future Expansion
    63. Support excerpt: Add command to TI V-10 Rescue CD during bootup
      - Boot the computer from Acronis True Image bootable rescue disc (Full version);
      - Hit F11 key after the "Starting Acronis Loader..." message appears and you get to the selection screen of the program;
      - After you get the "Linux Kernel Settings" prompt, please add "acpi=off noapic" parameter (without quotes) to the end of the Linux kernel command line (so it will be "quiet acpi=off noapic");
      - Click OK button.​

    64. Editing 2009 Scheduled Task
      Note that if you schedule a backup task on external drive and then for some reason you decide to edit the task when external drive is detached then the destination place for the backup will be changed to default location which is C:\Documents and Settings\User Account\My Documents\
      Important--** Be sure and attach external drive before editing! to retain the correct external backup location.
    65. What is 'Restore Disk Signature' in Partition Restore Wizard?
      You should select the "Restore Disk Signature" option if you recover the archive of the entire hard drive to a new hard drive. Acronis program changes the signature by default during the recovery, this can lead to a discrepancy in functionality of several programs. For example, Acronis True Image creates scheduled tasks in accordance with the hard disk signature. If you restore the same disk signature, you don't need to re-create or edit the tasks created previously.
    66. User Manual on Backup Locations for Version 11
      Chapter 3.5 and Chapter 8
      Note particularly the last paragraph under Ch 3.5 Setting rules for backup locations V11 which reads:
      "When creating a backup task, be sure to select the backup location from the Backup Locations list,
      near the top of the directory tree. Doing so will enable the above processing of backups.
      If you select a backup location as a normal folder, the processing will not be performed."
      More examples Here
    Useful Forum Threads s t i c k y
    Beginner's Guides for TI Home v9-11
    Guide: Upgrading to larger disk v9-11
    Mudcrab's Create Acronis Bootable USB Hard disk ** Restore/Clone Vista without Vista Repair
    MustangPEBuilder for TI2009 ** CTWT answers your computer questions[highlight] LIVE[/highlight]
    Attachment Postings! ** Avoid Disaster PDF
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ​

    If you find a link which does not work, please notify me via a private message. Thanks.
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