Returnil & Acronis BUG?

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by WindBlade, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. WindBlade

    WindBlade Registered Member

    After uninstalling Returnil, it seems that my Acornis True Image Stopped working..
    Can someone confirm this bug?

    1. Uninstall Returnil
    2. Reboot
    3. STart True Image
    4. Try to backup your System Partition
    5. It will have an error "Cannot Access Drive.. Cannot Backup logical Drive as some program is holding on to the disk or the disk have bad sectors.."

    I didn't have the time to test if reinstalling Returnil back will solve the problem as I have to rush for work.. I uninstalled returnil by using Total Uninstall 4.. Don't think that would affect anything..

    Can someone confirm this bug? As I have to rush for work, didn't have the time to fully confirm 100% that its caused by Returnil.. If it is indeed Returnil, then, it is quite a serious bug and it would raise some questions that even after UNINSTALLING fully with Total Uninstall, there are still compatitability problems..

  2. innerpeace

    innerpeace Registered Member

    Try uninstalling by this method posted my Coldmoon/Mike post #6. When you uninstall with RVS uninstaller it gives you options to delete the VP and it makes sure it's dismounted. I'm not sure if TU does that. Afterwards I ran CCleaner and of course this is where your TU would come in handy.
  3. WindBlade

    WindBlade Registered Member

    Oh okay...
    After work, I finally found the reason.. :)

    Total Uninstall restored the UpperFilters of the Disk to before Acronis is installed.. :)

    Thus, Acronis thinks that the disk is in use or something.. :)

    Nothing to do with RVS.. :)
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