ZoneLog Analyser v1.13 available

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by FanJ, Jul 28, 2002.

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    ZoneLog Analyser available, V1.13, at

    Details of this release as follows:
    Bug Fixes
    -Fixed minor bug that caused an error on initial startup for first time users.
    -Fixed email submission error for Outlook Express users.

    New Features
    -Added alternative browser loading option in Options/Misc that may help with
    NetScape users when doing WHOIS lookups.
    -Increased History Analyser max recent time from 48 to 96 hours.

    And for those that didn't download the 1.12 beta, 1.13 includes the following:

    V1.12 Beta
    Bug Fixes
    -Fixed bug that caused an error when changing the log font if no printers were
    configured on the PC.
    -Fixed bug that sometimes caused a crash after Repairing the database.
    -Fixed some keyboard shortcuts that didn't work.
    -Fixed selection problems on log listing.

    New Features
    -Added a History Analyser to the Attack Analyser, details in Help file.
    -Added option to set log list column order and hide/show columns of choice.
    -Added Create Email button to Abuse report form to transfer details directly to
    MAPI compliant email clients.
    -Added submission form for easy submission of your log data
    to the "Distributed Intrusion Detection System".
    -Added extra information and lookup tools to Details form.
    -Added Help menu item to check for ZoneLog updates on the web.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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