ZoneAlarm Pro 3.7.098 Updating

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by FanJ, Feb 20, 2003.

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  1. eyespy

    eyespy Registered Member

    Feb 20, 2002
    Oh Canada !!
    I agree completely with your comments.
    I was using ZAP for a while. I tried the latest ZA+ Beta for a change. It's definately lighter on resources than ZAP. Also, it allows faster internet surfing as opposed to ZAP. While I used ZAP with "Privacy Protection" activated, it tended to slow down my page loads.

    bill :)
  2. Joep

    Joep Registered Member

    Oct 24, 2002
    On Earth
    Users of Windows 2000 SERVER - Think Twice about Upgrading!!

    There appears to be a problem when upgrading ZAP to 3.7.098 on a Server!

    Here are the poblems I encounted after upgradeing and agreeing to reboot! :(

    1. ZAP had poblems starting/finding the true Vector Service
    2. The Icon was missing form the systray
    3. Task Manager showed ZAP running in the Processes and CPU usage was a constant 100% even after ending numerous processes/services
    4. My server was to a crawl and Internet access was sure not happing
    5. Encounted all sorts of errors attempting to uninstall ZAP.

    Well I searched the ZoneLabs site and looked at all the FAQ's but could not find anything that really addressed the issuse I was having and phone support from ZoneLabs is out of the question o_O
    Then I noticed a link to the ZoneAlarm® User Community and sure enough I found others with the same problems and a FIX ! :cool:

    Look Under the Thread: Installation, Uninstall and Upgrade
    The at the subject: to 3.7.098 upgrade problem entries

    I sure do get a kick out of the banner on top of the ZA User Community Page Which Reads:
    REMINDER - The ZoneAlarm User Community is a user resource, not an official support system provided by Zone Labs

    I wonder if their Tech Support look here too! :D

  3. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator

    Aug 10, 2002
    New England
    Bug! :doubt:

    In the new ZA+, I have experienced the same bug that some others have posted about. If the ZA User Interface is set to open to the Log Viewer panel when you click the ZA icon in the systray, sometimes it opens and does not completely paint the window. The outline and primary structure of the UI is there, but, the scrollable portion with the log entries in it is not painted. Whatever was below that window on the desktop (another window or the desktop itself) is still visible.

    It only seems to happen if the ZA UI has been minimized for a while and other programs are more active. I think it's a bug in how ZA is calling the Windows routines for painting windows. You can get the log viewer window to fully display by hitting another UI tab and coming back to it - which is a fairly standard work-around that I've seen with other window painting problems in other apps in the past. Perhaps this has to do with how they changed the handling of the updating of information in the log viewer as I noted in my post above.

    So far, this is the only bug I've seen.

    The new ZA+ is definitely seeing more Programs and Components than the previous version. Programs with even a hint of access to "network aware" routines are being seen and listed in the ZA+ program / component tabs. This does not seem to cause any problems though.

    The oddest program to see in that list is the "IP Configuration Utility" (ipconfig.exe), which is what you use on Windows XP in a CMD window to list your network info (similar to winipcfg.exe on Win9x systems). ZA+ sees it, an alert will pop-up if I run an "ipconfig /all" cmd, but, the program never actually accesses the external network. (No packets go out.) I suspect that ipconfig.exe must link to other network aware components which ZA is monitoring.
  4. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator

    Aug 10, 2002
    New England
    Interesting thing with the Advanced Program Control...

    By default, the global setting is enabled, (see top half of image below), so that ZA+/ZAP will warn you about programs using other programs to access the Internet. This works very well. A program like tooleaky will cause ZA+/ZAP to generate a pop-up asking if you want it to be able to use IE to access the Internet.

    Now, most programs are not given the ability to bypass this warning, (see the OE example in the bottom half of the image). However, ZA+/ZAP does automatically give several programs this ability (by automatically setting the "This program may use other programs to access the Internet" check box).

    On my system, following a clean install of ZA+ 3.7.098 (including a full wipe of previous version, including deleting the true vector databases, installing and re-entering all custom settings) , and without using the automatic program configuration wizard, ZA decided to give this bypass capability to the following programs:

    1. Zone Alarm Plus itself (zaplus.exe)
    2. Windows NT Logon Application (...\system32\winlogon.exe)
    3. Windows Explorer (c:\winnt\explorer.exe)
    4. Windows Command Processor (...\system32\cmd.exe)
    5. Services and Controller app (...\system32\services.exe)
    6. Microsoft Word (...\office10\winword.exe)

    I'm not sure I agree with these being given those rights. Of course, you can go in manually and reset these so that they can't use other programs, or, you can grant a specific program this bypass capability, so that you don't have to disable the entire Advanced Program Control capability, if you are experiencing problems.

    It takes some testing to determine just what you need to allow. For myself, I prefer starting with tighter security and granting only what's needed to make my system work as I have it configured.

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  5. dwax

    dwax Registered Member

    Oct 21, 2002
    Any one having problems with re booting?After updating to 3.7,when I make a dial up it re boots my PC.Then after a scan disk,PC will freezz up trying to load ZA.Have to go into safe mode to uninstall it.After that no problems.Can run ZA 3.5 with no problems.
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