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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Lostnode, Jan 13, 2005.

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  1. Lostnode

    Lostnode Guest

    Ok, I have been trying to uninstall Zone Alarm 5 after the vsinit became currupt?

    When you boot xp you get the COuld not validate the vsinit.dll file. when you go to uninstall you get the same, go to reinstall, same again.

    I g into the TEMP dir where it is putting the temp files and delete em all, start the process over, it created the vcinit.dll but then cannot verify it.

    I have read different posts on this including

    One seems to be for 98, the other WinNT... Any for XP? I have access to the internet but it keeps fubbin up...

    I went thourough the Registry, removed all instance of Zone Alarm (after backing each key up) and was able to get an "Install" icon off the CD (used to say uninstall, which still did not work). But alas still the damn verification error. What I want is a complete manual uninstalation tutorial for XP so that no extra drivers/services are loaded.

    Note, I cannot Uninstall/Install via the utility.
  2. Lostnode

    Lostnode Guest

    Actualy the first link does include XP, but not exactly for the problem I am having... I tried a reinstall and I get the vsini.dll verification error, so anything to do with the program is out, Can't run it, Uninstall it, or re-install it without that error. Hence a complete manual uninstallation of the program files, registry edits, drivers, serices, etc etc.

    Thanks in advance.
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