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  1. emile77

    emile77 Registered Member

    Oct 9, 2005
    Hi ,
    I bought 'ZeroSpyware' an anti-malware software whom I heard very good things on the net , ten days ago and the first time I tried to use it , it was impossible to update the data base ( stop after 61 percent of download).
    After having contacted the developpers of this program , they told me that it was normal because I had to download most recent version of the software , I did what they told me.
    So I could update the data base.
    However , since that date , no update has been possible (20 seconds after starting of update , the program tells : 'your data base is OK' , even with no Internet traffic on my router !!!).
    So I sent them a mail for an explaination and they answered that if the version of the data base is : '2.00.0419.004' , then all is OK !!!
    I still have 'SpySweeper' from 'Webroot' with 141476 fingerprints today , 'Microsoft Anti-Spyware' about the same and 'SpyBot Search and Destroy' a little less , but 'ZeroSpyware' tells nothing about the number of fingerprints loaded in their data base.
    So , if anybody knows this software , I'll be glad to have any information telling me what is wrong in my opinion about this program which have received a lot of awards in the press and media , because I think that an anti-spyware with a data base which is several months old is totally unusefull (the same as for an anti-virus).
    Thanks a lot for any answer ,
  2. starfish_001

    starfish_001 Registered Member

    Jan 31, 2005
    Um - I just updated without problem are you sure that it is installed properly?

    last update dated 10/7/2006
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