Zemana Anti Key Logger?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by tomdy2k, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Nizarawi

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    May 26, 2008
  2. controler

    controler Guest

    You pay for what you get in life> didn't your grandpa teach you that?
  3. FOXP2

    FOXP2 Guest

    Yeah, that overview is inaccurate in that the green check mark for "System-Wide Keylogger Protection" is in Pro only for Win8x64 since v1.9.3.444 (March 2013) up to version current as of this writing, Zemana support has acknowledged the email I sent them last year about this but the Web page remains uncorrected. "System-Wide Keylogger Protection" for all Windows versions except Win8x64 is by Free alone, or Free and Pro together.

    If you installed Zemana Pro in Win8x64 and "from my tests no key encryption" you might want to try a re-install. Though most likely, you borked your "tests." :argh::argh:

    If you installed only Zemana Pro in any other Windows and "from my tests no key encryption," then your "tests" borked you. :argh::argh:

    See posts #30, 39 and 42 on page two of this thread. For KB encryption, pay attention to references for ZAL Pro & Free and to Win8 x64 only vs. other Windows' versions. Can't really explain and illustrate it any better than that. Good luck.
  4. FOXP2

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    Well, his grandpa certainly didn't teach him to post up which version of Windows he's running when sounding off about a an app in which the version of Windows plays an essential vector.

    As for getting what you pay for, I've gotten that from ZAL Pro for six years. Especially since five of the twelve licenses I've used were 1-year freebies and I've never paid more than $17 for the others. :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    And ZAL Free is... um, free.

  5. syrinx

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    Apr 7, 2014
    Yes that link comparison along with the display of the KeyCrypt SDK version in the about screen (even when it isn't actually installed, just grabbed info from an ini apparently) had me thinking the key encryption was standard and enabled. I've been using Antilogger since before the free version and windows 8 were released and never saw anything informing me the free version was required to implement it unless I was on Win 8 x64. THANKS to the people on this forum I learned the truth! Needless to say I'm pretty upset with the way they've handled it. It just feels dishonest and I will seriously be considering alternatives such as spyshelter when my key expires in a few months. I don't plan on running windows 8 at this time. I'm sticking with windows 7 until I see the next stage of changes in 8 or 9.

    Yes I can run the free version alongside it as I am now doing or I could manually re-add the SDK on my OS now, but it's like they pulled a rug out from under me. I used to have it, thought I still had it, but it was suddenly no longer there unless I use another program (granted it is free) and they didn't even bother to inform me.
  6. controler

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    Oh but any of the old timers here know I have sounded off on this forum since I started here LOL
    Rebel, black sheep ect ?
    I used to get scolded by the mods all the time but have been a good boy since I returned.
  7. FOXP2

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