ZA vs Comodv 3.0

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Wordward, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. alex_s

    alex_s Registered Member

    Aug 13, 2007
    The main problem with security software is the maximum level protection is, yes, quite safe, but with maximum level of protection it goes to be almost unusable, either too slow or annoying with the popups that you drop to read after some time. But then you risk to miss the only popup you installed a program for when its time comes :)
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  2. CoolWebSearch

    CoolWebSearch Registered Member

    Sep 30, 2007
    Well,I forgot to tell one thing about ZA Pro.Newer versions of ZA Pro do stop rootkits even without asking.
    One example:
    Although a rootkit uses stealth tools to keep Windows from detecting its identity using Task Manager or any other tool, an outgoing IP call has to come from somewhere. The fact that the call was made is testament to the identity of a program somewhere on the system; and if ZoneAlarm somehow can't identify and "see" any malware program, then it won't let the call go through anyway-basically,if an malware wants to connect to the Internet on the unknown IP adress,it will stop malwares without the user interference-ZA Pro can't see rootkit,but can see IP adress-newer versions automatically block invisible program's attempt to the Internet,because ZA Pro can't see it.

    The same thing goes for program behavior-ZA has the safelist over 100 000 applications and database of 30 different behaviours and unlike Comodo-ZA does remember,that's why ZA has fewer pop-ups than Comodo.

    If an completely invisible application wants to modify other programs,ZA will automatically block-however, please notice that ZA Pro itself will not "see" the invisible rootkit/malware, but it will see the change of this known program and ask you or block it, it really depends how did you configure it-this is an indirect way how can you beat rootkits modifying your programs inside your computer-ZA Pro can't see rootkits-and since ZA Pro can't see rootkits it will automatically block their influence and change on all other computer programs because, by default, when ZA Pro detects a change in an computer program and if ZA Pro can't see malware that is trying to modify computer's own programs/files, than ZA Pro will automatically block it from dangerous modification.

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