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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by himeros, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. himeros

    himeros Registered Member

    Oct 19, 2006
    I will give you my experence with Acronis software on two computers. Both running XP pro 1 gig of ram, two different types of cd/dvd burners, updated with the latest firmware. I bought version 9 after support said it would work with dual and single layer DVD's, and reading reviews online. First I tried it with both single and dual layer DVD's, wouldn't work, this forum said to update to the latest build, which I did. Tried it again with different makes of dual and single layer DVD's, no soap, same results, it doesn't know you have a disk in the drive. I left messages with support about this issue. No help from support, so I tried backing up the second computer just using CD's, since it also would not work with DVD's. Backed up the hard drive on cd's, with no errors, did it quickly. I changed the hard drive to the same exact size and type, to check out the backup copy to make sure it was good. I do this with all backup programs, because nothing is worst than having a backup copy that is faulty. It asked for disk 1 and disk 6 back and forth three times, then started the backup of the hard drive. Disk one restored just fine, second disk, about half way through quit, message said it couldn't restore the hard drive. So all you fine people that think you have a good backup copy on a second hard drive or disks, should try a restore to a blank hard drive to check out your backup program. I will put this software over to the side with some of the other software I have bought that has failed to work right. In my opion, this is just another failed attempt at a backup program. You may have different results, but after it failed on two computers, I give up on this software. In closing, I asked if the second factory disk I had bought, and not opened could be traded for version 10 if it was any better, but they have failed to respond to this email also.

    Good luck to all

    Himeros 11-04-06
  2. Ralphie

    Ralphie Registered Member

    Oct 8, 2006
    As you have found out, backing up to optical media is an exercise in futility. If the backup process is successful, again as you have found out, the Recover/Restore process may not work. The other downside is that both processes are very very slow.

    It is much better to use another hard drive, either external or internal.
  3. himeros

    himeros Registered Member

    Oct 19, 2006
    You may have missed the point, YOUR backup copy, either on DVD's CD's Tape or hard drive may not be a good copy of the hard drive you think you have backed up. You need to either plug in the hard drive you backed up on, or reinstall that backed copy to another hard drive to see if it works. The time it takes me to backup to CD's DVD's or HD, is not an issue to me, if they work, that is the only thing. In closing, if you bought a car that was to have a V6 engine, with a 6 speed auto trans., and when they delivered it to you, it has a 4 cyl and a 4 speed manual, and they offered you no help, would you thing you were ripped off just a bit? Thanks for the reply, stay well.

  4. aoz

    aoz Registered Member

    Jun 8, 2005
    If I back up an image, and want it on dvd's, cd's, etc., I create the backup on an external hard drive first, then copy it to the dvd/cd's, for archiving, after verifying; but If I want to restrore it, I reload to a hard drive.

    But most backups I leave on the exxternal hard drive.

    it's normally not acronis that causes the dvd/cd problems (although it does sometimes). many times, it's the readers, writers, etc, independent of acronis.

    I found this out after doing home genealogy, archiving home movies, doing comparisons of disk a: to disk b:, finding track errors,etc, in media, drives, etc.....

    hope this helps
  5. GroverH

    GroverH Registered Member

    May 10, 2006
    Massachusetts, USA
    These are my thoughts from a standpoint of using backup software for years & years--anything from tape on a reel; tape cassette; CD/DVD-- up thru the Acronis V9.
    I have had various versions of Ghost.
    I have and use Powerquest Drive Image 7 (with previous versions).
    Part of my current backup software includes using DI7 and TrueImage 9. --upgrade from using V8.

    None of the backup softwares are without their problems.

    I have made hundreds of image backups--many with Acronis. I likewise have successfully restored numerous Acronis backups of individual partitions as well as full disks.

    From my own personal preferances, I will not baby sit the computer waiting to feed the next media. Therefore, I alternate between a mix of
    ..a. backup to another internal drive
    ..b. and to another external drive
    ..c. and then occasionally copy the spanned backup to DVD copying 3 files onto each DVD (1492MB each). Backup usually takes 4-6 DVD's which are purely for archival purposes.
    ..d. I have recopied the DVD files back onto both internal & external drives and then restored my full image backups.

    For some people, being able to backup directly to DVD would probably be helpful. Have you ever done a restore from DVD? I did--once and never again. I have better uses for my time.

    Your experiences does not represent the successes that others are having. My experiences are different than yours. I will continue to use Acronis True Image 9--because it works better than the others imaging that I have tried. It is not perfect and I wish it some different features (less of some; more of others).....but it fills my needs. Good luck in filling your needs.
  6. starsfan09

    starsfan09 Registered Member

    Jun 10, 2006
    I do agree that writing the Backup Image to an USB External, or Internal HD is the best method.
    But however, this Acronis Direct DVD Burn issue has gone on quite awhile now starting with TI9 v3633. Afterall, a lot of users are buying Acronis to backup their HD directly to DVD.

    You'd think that someone from Acronis would read this forum about the DVD Burning issues, and correct them. All they have to do slow down the Burn speed in the Acronis Direct Burn Plugin. How hard can that be?

    Not sure this DVD problem has been fixed ...even in TI 10 v3871. Can anyone confirm it now works in v10?
  7. herbalist

    herbalist Guest

    So far, Acronis 8 has worked with both CDRWs and an external hard drive for me. Haven't re-installed the program itself since I reformatted. I didn't want the extra running processes. The CD is sufficient for my needs. It can get annoying using CDs, that generic error message it gives "possibly poor media quality" when it needs the next disk. Other than that, no problems.
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