Yahoo Messenger Vulnerabilities

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  1. Paul Wilders

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    Jul 1, 2001
    The Netherlands
    Security vulnerabilities in YIM have recently been found that can allow unauthorized execution of programs on a YIM user's PC via buffer overflows or Java or Visual Basic script execution added through YIM Content tabs. The net impact is to allow a relatively simple opportunity to hijack users' YIM client outright, and use it to attack or intrude into YIM users supposedly private information systems.

    Vulnerable systems:
    * Yahoo! Messenger version

    Immune systems:
    * Yahoo! Messenger version

    Buffer Overflows:
    When Yahoo! Messenger (YIM) is installed, it registers its own handler for URLs of the type "ymsgr". For example, in the Win98 Registry, this handler is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES\ymsgr\shell\open\command that has a value for "(Default)" of "< Hard-drive:\Directories\ >YPAGER.EXE %1".

    Thus when any URL beginning with "ymsgr:" [no slashes, no "//"] is input into a web browser supported by integrated with YIM, "ypager.exe %1" is executed on the complete URL.

    With no proper bounds checking in the ymsgr protocol, attackers can overflow the YIM function calls "call", "sendim", "getimv", "chat", "addview", "addfriend" tags.

    For example, loading URL "ymsgr:call?(84)+8-8344332&p=DaHØ" into a YIM-integrated browser will cause ypager.exe will be executed and it will then execute the YIM/Net2Phone "Call Centre" application and prepare it to dial the phone number and name in the URL.

    If we input a string that has more than 260 bytes, we will crash YIM; 264 bytes will overwrite the EBP register; four (4) more bytes will overwrite the EIP register. In total, 268 bytes are needed to cause a buffer overflow.

    For example, this URL
        ymsgr:call?+< aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... >
    Would overwrite both the EBP (Extended Base Pointer) and EIP (Extended Instruction Pointer). The ellipsis, "...", represents an extension to 268 bytes, e.g. 0x61616161, of "a"s). From there, attackers could overwrite the EIP with any location in memory they choose, jump to their exploit code, and have the code run under the current user's normal privileges.

    The following are susceptible to BOFs (Buffer Overflows) as well. However, this time we need to punch in another 100 bytes:
        ymsgr:sendim?+< aaaaaaa..... 368 bytes here >
        ymsgr:chat?+< aaaaaaa..... 368 bytes here >
        ymsgr:addview?+< aaaaaaa..... 368 bytes here >
        ymsgr:addfriend?+< aaaaaaa..... 368 bytes here >

    Yahoo! Instant Messenger (YIM) Hi-Jack (Java, Visual Basic script execution)
    URLs beginning with "ymsgr:addview?" let users add browser-ready Yahoo! content to YIM's "Content Tabs" for viewing in YIM, without a web browser. YIM installs with default Tabs for Stocks, Weather, Calendar, News, etc.

    The following URL is provided to demonstrate this vulnerability. To use it, you must have Yahoo! Messenger (YIM) installed and integrated with a compatible web browser.


    This simple, completely harmless, sample exploit will start up YIM, if not already started, add a new "Content Tab" called "YIM Cal-Hack" to YIM's current set, then display a dialogue box with one option, "OK", then open the "YIM Cal-Hack" content, a quick, 9-click set of instructions to disable the exploit.

    To see the contents of DemH0.htm, simply remove the Yahoo! redirection parts of the exploit URL above or load this URL into any browser:

    Note, however, that to completely remove the "YIM Cal-Hack" (before the user's next YIM upgrade a minor Windows registry edit is needed: simply exit YIM; "Find" the text string "YMSGR_test" or "YIM Cal-Hack", using Start-> Run->regedit->Edit->Find; then delete the YMSGR_test key; exit regedit; and restart YIM.

    Note also that DemH0.htm is not a standard HTML file -- though it calls three other standard HTML files. Instead, DemH0.htm contains only YIM- specific tags. In fact, if you insert the normal HTML opening tags, "<html> <head> <script>...", the exploit will not work and YIM will simply respond with a dialogue box stating, "Error adding view... The view format is invalid." -- As demonstrated by this URL:

    Threat significance
    Yahoo! Instant Messenger (YIM) Hi-Jack (above) demonstrates how potential attackers could replace or even visually replicate almost any YIM content and insert scripts into their own HTML that could be used to do almost anything on a YIM user's machine. For example, it would not be too difficult to modify the demonstration exploit above to request a YIM user's ID and password and send it to any email address or Internet URL.

    Minimum user intervention is required to exploit these vulnerabilities. Modifications of the ymsgr URLs provided about could readily be hidden in HTML pages or emails with text or images enticing YIM users to click on them. Further, scripts could be used to load such ymsgr-exploit URLs into pop-up browser windows with no direct user intervention.

    Vendor status:
    Yahoo! was informed of this vulnerability on 05/05/2002. In discussions with Yahoo Security the authors agreed to await Yahoo!'s release of a repaired version of Yahoo! Messenger (YIM). Yahoo! made the repaired version available for download and installation on 24/05/2002 at:




  2. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    Advice from Kaspersky:


    1. Yahoo Messenger Update A Good Idea!
    Versions of Yahoo Messenger older than suffer from several
    vulnerabilities patched up in more recent versions. The security
    weaknesses may allow an attacker to gain remote access to a user's
    computer. The update just released by Yahoo addresses a URL validation
    vulnerability and a buffer overflow vulnerability, both of which can
    lead to successful DoS attacks or give attackers the ability to modify a
    victim's Buddy List.

    Yahoo is recommending users to upgrade to versions or later.

    You may download the latest versions at:
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