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  1. manar58

    manar58 Registered Member

    Sep 22, 2011
    A powerful anti-virus tool manual, support 32-bit 2000, xp, 2003, vista, 2008, and Win7 operating system.
    I downloaded (md5: AF31D243C6C5A18919B363D57832A3A5)

    Author QQ microblogging: -http://t.qq.com/linxer- welcome to listen, after XueTr situation will be released here.

    This tool is currently achieve the following functions:
    1 processes, threads, process modules, process window, process memory, timer, hotkey information to view, kill the process, kill the thread, unload the module and other functions
    (2) kernel driver module view, to support the kernel driver module memory copy
    3.SSDT, Shadow SSDT, FSD, KBD, TCPIP, Classpnp, Atapi, Acpi, SCSI, IDT, GDT information view, and can detect and recover ssdt hook and inline hook
    4.CreateProcess, CreateThread, LoadImage, CmpCallback, BugCheckCallback, Shutdown, Lego, etc. Notify Routine information view, and supports the removal of these Notify Routine
    5 port information view, the current system does not support the 2000
    6 See the news hook
    7 kernel modules iat, eat, inline hook, patches detection and recovery
    8 disk, volume, keyboard, network layer filter driver detection, and supports the deletion of
    9 Registry Editor
    10 process iat, eat, inline hook, patches detection and recovery
    11 file system view, supports basic file operations
    12 View (edit) IE plug-in, SPI, startup items, services, Host files, image taking, file associations, system firewall rules, IME
    13.ObjectType Hook detection and recovery
    14.DPC timer to detect and remove
    15.MBR Rootkit detection and repair
    16 hijacked kernel object detection
    17.WorkerThread enumeration

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  2. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

    Feb 5, 2007
    I haven't run this since v0.39...

    This is new, and introduced with v0.45... It took about 10 minutes to generate a complete report.

    ScreenShot_XueTr_v0.45_computer examination_01.jpg
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