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    Nov 11, 2013
    something in ff43.0.3/4 is causing live stream not to work at web site berry college eaglecam. i have 3 xp and 1 win7 with 2 of the xp's set up for dual boot linux. on xp unit#1 avast 2016free, ff43.0.2 and slimjet 11.6, live video works great on both. xp#2 avast2016free, ff43.0.4 video does not work, but with opera 12.17 video works great. xp#3 norton ns22.5, ff43.0.4, chrome, and slimjet all up to date. on ff, video does not work, chrome and slimjet video works great. slimjet uses same flash as ff. on linux, ff is still at 43.0.1 so video work. win764bit, norton ns22.5, ff43.0.4 video works great. it seems this happens just on this one site on the limited testing i've done so far. i'm not looking for a fix, just thought this odd behavior and was wondering if anyone else had seem this on any of the web sites you visit. thanks