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    Jan 18, 2005

    On a MS Exchange Server 2003 SP2 (ver. 6.5, build 7638.2) I use
    NOD32 for MS Exchange Server ver. 2.71.9.

    Following the advice in "NOD32 Antivirus System - NOD32 Server Edition
    for MS Exchange Server Installation
    " (nod_ug_exchange_en.pdf) I
    disabled the background scanning in XMON so that it does not scan all
    messages in the Exchange Information Store at each virus signature
    database update. Also, I created a scheduled task of the
    "XMON - Run background scan" type that runs daily outside working hours.

    With these settings I noticed that the XMON background scanning option
    gets back on
    after some time (it seems that happens after my XMON
    background scanning task runs for the first time).
    Is this a bug in NOD32?

    Also, is there a way to get a log about running the XMON background
    scanning tasks? I can't find any log about the tasks in either
    NOD32 Control Center Event Log or NOD32 Scanner Logs.
    In the XMON Setup I have enabled the following options:
    Logs -> Content -> Scope: Detailed


    -- rpr. /Robert Premuž/
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