Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by controler, Dec 30, 2002.

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  1. controler

    controler Guest

    Nice freeware

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  2. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002
    Hi. I've being evaluting this freeware version for a while. Some thoughts

    Many of the functions in the freeware version are equalled if not surpassed by spybot.

    Both have secure shredders
    Both clear MRUs and lists of common applications (Spybot has a much bigger list, though I think there isnt a complete overlap)

    Both scan for "adware" and "spyware".

    X-cleaner however appears specifically geared to detect and kill commercial key logger programs ("spyware"). According to a Rep who posted on another board (spywareinfoforum.com), X-cleaner is superior to freeware cleaners in detecting commerical key loggers (because the freeware guys lack $ to test them) while commercial anti-virus and anti-trojans are bound legally not to detect them.

    It seems to me that they are positioning themselves this way, rather than to competite directly with spybot and adaware since the freeware are doing such a good job in that area in fighting scum bag advertisers.

    This can be seen from the website where they make a clear distinction between "spyware" (commerical keyloggers placed before hand by concerned parents or employers) and "Adware" (advertising related crap like comet cursor that the user installs perhaps unwittingly and sends your browsing habits etc).

    Still the freeware verison seems to detect about the same entries as spybot but perhaps the detection is better? I have no doubt the commercial version will have a larger database though

    Anyway supposedly they can not only detect and remove such key loggers but also crack the password to give you access to see what is being recorded.

    Other plus points about X-cleaner it is small , designed to be used on one diskette so you can use it to clean public computers, including the handy option of listing and deleting all pictures (if you need it ;))

    The freeware version also has a homepage guard, does a partial clearing of cookies,cache but not history or autocomplete (if you turned it on). Nothing really fancy..

    Verdict: It's freeware! Used on demand it can't hurt being used as a backup to spybot now that adaware is being abandoned (at least untill verison 6)
    .The commercial version might be worth getting too..

    From the website http://www.xblock.com/privacy-faq.shtml

  3. controler

    controler Guest

    Nicely put JayK

    Yes it would be fun to check this software out completly without the purchase.

    Yes I like the fact it is not installed but rather a simple executable.
    I don't think Spybot lists all the startup programs. Now I could be wrong here. I know it didn't a while back.
    This is a certianty about Pepi... If you people send him a sample of
    any keylogger, he will incorporate it into a futer build. You see not many people send in keyloggers. I know I have sent them in the past and they have been incorporated.
    Here is a tiny thought too. When you start looking at some of the well known keylogger detection programs, you will also find they have a keylogger of their own out there. Now isn't that ironic?
    Playing both sides of the fence?

    Anyway Welcome and keep up the good posts.
  4. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002
    Hello controller

    Yeah you are right. I missed out the listing of startup programs.

    Probably because i have many applications that do that already even without using something just to monitor startups like startup cop.And of course there are many ways to hide a startup process other than using the registry....

    JV16tools does this too. So does TDS which monitors the registry for startup programs and system files. And yes.. It appears I just got Spybot 1.4 and indeed it looks at the registry for startups too!

    It also lists all Browsers Helper objects and activex downloaded! Is this new? I used to use Startup.exe and Hiackthis to view these, but now spybot can do it too?

    As for sending a sample of the keylogger to Pepi it's close to a catch22 situation. You can't get a sample of the keylogger if you can't detect it. And you can't detect it wihout a sample of it... ;)

    But if Xcleaner detects something...but spybot does not. I'm not sure if I can or am brave enough to stop the scan..just to keep a sample..

    New Year to you and all Wildersecurity forum readers.

  5. Mike_Healan

    Mike_Healan Registered Member

    Mar 6, 2002
    You can use XCleaner to get rid of those files that Windows refuses to let you delete. You drag the file into xcleaner's shredder. It will say it can't delete it now, but will let you delete it on your next restart.
  6. controler

    controler Guest

    Mike that is a good feature to have. Being able to delete those otherwise non removable files ;)

    Here is somthing I do not aggree with. Some Antitrojan and Antivirus
    makers refuse to detect the actual EXE used to create some trojans and viruses. I have written and they believe the file is harmless untill
    used to make the new trojan. Doesn't that sound a bit silly?
    I still have some of these samples that I have had for months that
    some of our popular programs here at Wilders will not detect. :(
  7. Tassie_Devils

    Tassie_Devils Global Moderator

    May 8, 2002
    State Queensland, Australia
    HI Controller/JayK:

    About Spybot and start-up programs.
    Yep, that's correct, they are listed now, in the latest version. [excellent]
    Full lists of start-up, plus heaps of extra goodies under 'Tools'
    Processes [running]
    Cheers. :)
  8. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002
    Might it clean the index.dat files in IE?
  9. controler

    controler Guest

    Hily Moly !!!!!!!!!! :D

    I never would have thought Pepi would have gone this far with Spybot
    And if he does incorporate the Index.Dat file cleaner option, I bet JayK
    with even make a donation ;)

    Thanks TD
  10. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002
    I'll never make a donation but If it becomes payware I might buy it.

    The problem is it's a lot more fun looking around and testing freeware products. Payware products are probably easier to use but I've found that for every payware product out there , there is usually a freeware product that is almost as good or even better if you are willing to fiddle around with.

    Perhaps the only exceptions are Anti-trojans and perhaps anti-viruses (some might dispute this AVG is pretty good)

    Do you think spybot is trying to do too much? I mean why stop at looking at registry for autostart programs? Why not monitor the startup folders, system files ,services etc as well?

    Why the process list? Is this going to be intergreted with
    Spybot resident?
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