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Discussion in 'WormGuard' started by Peaches4U, Apr 18, 2003.

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  1. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Peaches for you, You could also use a shortcut from the desktop:

    Go to C:\Windows\PCHEALTH\HELPCTR\binaries\ In that folder you will find helpctr.exe ( should be about 744K in size) - Right click it and select "Create a shortcut" once the shortcut is created cut and paste it to your desktop or wherever is most convienient for you.

    This is just another method which requires no registry hacking but, of course, your normal "Start - Help & Support" icon still will not work. :D

    HTH Pilli
  2. Peaches4U

    Peaches4U Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    At my computer
    :'( Here goes nothing ...
    1. I have 15 files in helpctr = 24.4 MB [seems large]
    2. When I double click on helpctr.exe the Help & Support page comes up and promptly freezes on me. The Restore has a little red "do-dad" and if I click on it Wormguard comes up with the usual message that file is being prevented from running.
    3. I did a Ctrl, Alt, Delete and the Task Manger came up .. it registered that Help & support was running [strange if it was in a frozen state & still is]; Wormguard is running as well as SpywareGuard which is running.
    4. In binaries I have 13 files 135 kb.
    5. Nothing unusual about any of the files as far as I can determine.
    6. Shall now hunt for 0 KB files especially helpctr.exe

    A light bulb just lit up. :D Decided to check my firewall just now to see how help & support was configured.... ah, ha - it had o_O?? [interesting] so I checked it to access the internet and now I will go back and try to see if things will work this time. Will report back. :cool: Keep your fingers crossed that this is a solution.

    And yes, I did read the other forum you suggested and will go back re the 0 kb files & study it some more.
  3. Peaches4U

    Peaches4U Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    At my computer
    :'( :'( :'( Well it is not the firewall causing the problem. That settled that!! While exploring Local Disk C, I found a Quarantine file so I peeked to see if anything was in it. You bet & this is what I found: rstrui.exe.analysis.txt and rstrui.exe.txt - So, I clicked on the Analysis. txt and up comes WormGuard advising me of the same warning I get when I try to activate system restore.

    Have gone back to the site recommended and have done some reading - now I shall do a bit more probing and see if I can come up with something positive. :)

    I probed Win32 files to see what is there and helpctr.exe is in there so it would stand to reason the message we have been getting should not happen.

    What could possibly happen if I allowed WormGuard to allow the Restore to run? When I disabled Restore and did the symantec FixSobig scan, it came up clean so maybe the tool fixed the infected files within. I don't know, just wondering if I should try this. :doubt:
  4. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    What exactly is the WG message?
    You mean you can't make a new restore point either and start wityh that, deleting all the older restore points if you succeed in creating a clean one?
    I don't run XP so glad others are able to help with those specific folders.
    If you have a TXT fiel with those two or three extensions i guess WG will tell you with an alert for dual extensions; you have the option to view in safe mode what's in it, and as it's a txt file i suppose it being readable that way. So no need to run it, just look.

    I don't know if the fixcode itself is alerted on or the code itself is inthere and made unexecutable (which i suppose) and thus WG will keep alarming till you finally get rid of that restorepoint at all. Delete away, off your system. Infections are not holy to be kept unless your a security developer and need them in your test database. All others should just remove them in every way your software allows you to.
  5. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Peaches4u, I have a feeling that there may be a more basic problem in the system files so if you have not already done so would youyou please try this:

    Defrag your Windows drive. This will ensure that your hard disk has no damaged or dfragmented file. If defrag willl not rum you will need to Start - Run Type "chkdsk /f" without the quotes then press return XP should then say that this operation will be performed upon reboot.
    ChkdskCreates and displays a status report for a disk based on the file system. Chkdsk also lists and corrects errors on the disk. Used without parameters, chkdsk displays the status of the disk in the current drive.

    Both command syntaxs below are from the XP help file.

    chkdsk [volume:][[Path] FileName] [/f] [/v] [/r] [/x] [/i] [/c] [/l[:size]]

    Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon), mount point, or volume name.
    [Path] FileName
    Specifies the location and name of a file or set of files that you want chkdsk to check for fragmentation. You can use wildcard characters (that is, * and ?) to specify multiple files.
    Fixes errors on the disk. The disk must be locked. If chkdsk cannot lock the drive, a message appears that asks you if you want to check the drive the next time you restart the computer.
    Displays the name of each file in every directory as the disk is checked.
    Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information. The disk must be locked.
    Use with NTFS only. Forces the volume to dismount first, if necessary. All open handles to the drive are invalidated. /x also includes the functionality of /f.
    Use with NTFS only. Performs a less vigorous check of index entries, reducing the amount of time needed to run chkdsk.
    Use with NTFS only. Skips the checking of cycles within the folder structure, reducing the amount of time needed to run chkdsk.
    Use with NTFS only. Changes the log file size to the size you type. If you omit the size parameter, /l displays the current size.

    For the next part you will need to have your original XP installation CD.
    You must be logged in as a member of the Aministrators group:
    Open the Start - Run and type in "SFC /scannow" without the quotes. This will This is from the XP help file:

    System File Checker (sfc)Scans and verifies the versions of all protected system files after you restart your computer.

    sfc [/scannow] [/scanonce] [/scanboot] [/revert] [/purgecache] [/cachesize=x]

    Scans all protected system files immediately.
    Scans all protected system files once.
    Scans all protected system files every time the computer is restarted.
    Returns the scan to its default operation.
    Purges the Windows File Protection file cache and scans all protected system files immediately.
    Sets the size, in MB, of the Windows File Protection file cache.
    Displays help at the command prompt.
    You must be logged on as a member of the Administrators group to run sfc.
    If sfc discovers that a protected file has been overwritten, it retrieves the correct version of the file from the %systemroot%\system32\dllcache folder, and then replaces the incorrect file.
    If the %systemroot%\system32\dllcache folder becomes corrupt or unusable, use sfc /scannow, sfc /scanonce, or sfc /scanboot to repair the contents of the Dllcache directory.
    Formatting legend

    Phew! If all of the above completes OK then at least we will have a level playing field to work on. :D

  6. Peaches4U

    Peaches4U Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    At my computer
    Hi Philli - Well, I did defrag just a few days ago and computer is running at 100% optimal. I also did the scan disks, and no errors found. So, another bulb lit up. I am going to forget trying to get Help & Support to work for now. What if I did this: Start/All Programs/ Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup. Click the More Options tab, and then click the Clean up botton in the System Restore section? Would this not clean out the worm corrupted files and a new restore date would set itself as of date of purging? Presumably if the Restore file is empty, WormGuard will no longer have to protect it from running - nothing there to protect. The fact that I had to turn off SR when I was scanning/ cleaning with FixSobig tool, turning it off wiped out all other existing restore points. This would explain why I could not go back to a date prior to the infection. By doing this SR would take a new clean snapshot as of the day the cleaning was done. This would create a clean restore point. WormGuard would go away. Then my Restore feature should be functional again or will it. Do I make sense? :doubt:

    I am going to print out your suggestion and read it over carefully as I am not sure I fully understand it and then give your suggestion a try. But first I am crawling back between the sheets for a few more hours of shut eye ... this thing is giving me insomnia.... :rolleyes:

    I truly appreciate all the help and advice I have been getting so a big thanks to all who have responded.
  7. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Hi, I believe disk clean up with the option you stated will delete all the restore points except for the latest one. So it may be worth a try. If your happy using regedit you could also do a search for the any left over sobig registry keys & delete them if it made any? This is in case the other removal tools did not work properly on your system. If you do try regedit be sure to back up the registry first, others may suggest tools that can do this for you.
  8. Peaches4U

    Peaches4U Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    At my computer
    Philli - I did the System Restore clean up but there are still many files there. If I highlite them and right click my mouse and delete them [I viewed them through WormGuard and they are totally useless] Is this a safe thing to do? Perhaps then I can set a new restore date as of the date of deletion.

    I am not comfortable editing a registry as I am not computer literate enough. I did browse through C Drive and found where the pif file was hidden [I now also know the contact who was used as a host]. The whole email was there. I deleted the file.I

    Regarding the Help & Support [helpctr.exe] I have posted an S.O.S. on a different discussion board and hope someone there can come up with some knowledge as to why it comes up as not a valid Win32 application when in fact it is. Maybe someone there has figured out a fix. :D I did read the discussion on this subject as you suggested and there was one solution there but I do not understand parts of it. :(
  9. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Using XP's clean up should be OK, there will be IE cached files, temp files, history files etc. that can all be safely deleted.

    Understandable, If you are not confident editing the registry it ould be better to leave well alone, or find a tool such as Ontracs system suite or Nortons System works that does a lot of the work for you and creates an easily retrievable back-up if you mess up.

    Have you searched your hard disk for helpctr.exe? If you do you can safely delete all 0 byte size versions - AS I have heard that these can cause a problem.

    We will not be defeated!!! :D
  10. Peaches4U

    Peaches4U Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    At my computer
    Hey Philli - I did it, I did it!! :D Gimme 5!!! I have Help & Support working. This is what I did: C:\Windows\PCHealth\helpctr\binaries and up she comes, all the help pages come up. I then created a shortcut to my desktop - tested it and it works. It may not be a perfect solution but if it does the job, so be it. ;)

    Am still cautiously approaching my System Restore fix and searching for any other traces of the Sobig virus. I tell ya, when I get all this cleaned up, I won't get caught with my knickers down again. :D but I shall be much wiser for it.
    This is what is in my SR and want to delete the whole mess: What is in there that WormGuard is preventing from running?

    FILE: c:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe
    SIZE: 370688 bytes
    ---------------------FILE BEGINS <Extracted Strings>---------------------
    78: !This program cannot be run in DOS mode.
    528: `.data
    705: SHLWAPI.dll
    717: ADVAPI32.dll
    730: KERNEL32.dll
    743: NTDLL.DLL
    753: GDI32.dll
    763: USER32.dll
    774: SRRSTR.dll
    785: ole32.dll
    795: OLEAUT32.dll
    808: msvcrt.dll
    819: WINSTA.dll
    6297: RestoreSnapshot
    6313: CreateSnapshot
    6329: ::DisableFIFO failed - %ls
    6357: d:\xpsp1\admin\pchealth\sr\shell\extwrap.cpp
    6405: CSRExternalWrapper::DisableFIFO
    6437: ::EnableFIFO failed - %ls
    6465: CSRExternalWrapper::EnableFIFO
    6497: ::SRSetRestorePoint failed, status=%d
    6537: CSRExternalWrapper::SetRestorePoint
    6573: ::SRRemoveRestorePoint failed - %ls
    6609: CSRExternalWrapper::RemoveRestorePoint
    6649: Cannot create RPI Instance...
    6681: Ignoring cancelled restore point
    6717: CSRExternalWrapper::BuildRestorePointList
    6761: Insufficient memory, cannot allocate RPI
    6805: CSRExternalWrapperStub::BuildRestorePointList
    6962: Insufficient memory...
    6985: CreateSRExternalWrapper
    8250: UnRegisterTypeLib
    8297: Cannot initialize COM, hr=%l
    8329: d:\xpsp1\admin\pchealth\sr\shell\frmmars.cpp
    8377: CSRFrameMars::InitInstance
    8554: Creating SRUI Instance failed - %s
    8589: CreateSRFrameInstance
    8613: CHCPMarsHost_Object::CreateInstance failed, hr=%u
    8689: ::GetProcAddress failed - %s
    8721: ::LoadLibrary('marscore.dll') failed - %s
    8765: CSRFrameMars::InvokeMARS
    8989: CComModule::RegisterServer failed, err=%l
    9033: CComModule::UpdateRegistryFromResource failed, err=%l
    9089: CSRFrameMars::RegisterServer
    9121: CComModule::UnregisterServer failed, err=%l
    9165: CSRFrameMars::UnregisterServer
    11226: ::SystemTimeToVariantTime failed - %ls
    11265: d:\xpsp1\admin\pchealth\sr\shell\htmlui.cpp
    11309: ConvSysTimeToVariant
    11333: ::VariantTimeToSystemTime failed - %ls
    11373: ConvVariantToSysTime
    11397: Invalid Argument, NULL input parameter
    11437: CRestoreShell::get_Count
    11465: CRestoreShell::get_CurrentDate
    11497: CRestoreShell::get_LocaleFirstDay
    11533: CRestoreShell::get_IsSafeMode
    11565: CRestoreShell::get_IsUndo
    11593: CRestoreShell::get_LastRestore
    11625: CRestoreShell::get_MainOption
    11657: Out of memory, cannot allocate string
    11697: CRestoreShell::get_ManualRPName
    11729: CRestoreShell::get_MaxDate
    11757: CRestoreShell::get_MinDate
    11785: CRestoreShell::get_RealPoint
    11817: CRestoreShell::get_RestorePtSelected
    11857: CRestoreShell::get_SelectedDate
    11889: CRestoreShell::get_SelectedName
    11921: CRestoreShell::get_SelectedPoint
    11957: Index is out of range
    11981: CRestoreShell::put_SelectedPoint
    12017: CRestoreShell::get_SmgrUnavailable
    12053: CRestoreShell::get_StartMode
    12085: CRestoreShell::get_UsedDate
    12113: CRestoreShell::get_CanNavigatePage
    12149: CRestoreShell::BeginRestore
    12177: CRestoreShell::Cancel
    12201: Invalid Argument, V_VT(var)=%d is not expected type %d
    12257: CRestoreShell::CompareDate
    12285: CRestoreShell::CreateRestorePoint
    12321: CRestoreShell::FormatDate
    12349: CRestoreShell::FormatLowDiskMsg
    12381: CRestoreShell::FormatTime
    12409: CRestoreShell::GetLocaleDateFormat
    12445: CRestoreShell::GetYearMonthStr
    12477: hwndFrame is NULL
    12497: CRestoreShell::SetFormSize
    12525: CRestoreShell::CanRunRestore
    12557: RA session present - not counting
    12593: GetLoggedOnUserCount
    12633: Loading IDS_ERR_OTHER_USERS_LOGGED_ON2 failed %d
    12685: Loading IDS_ERR_OTHER_USERS_LOGGED_ON1 failed %d
    12737: Loading IDS_RESTOREUI_TITLE failed %d
    12777: CRestoreShell::DisplayOtherUsersWarning
    12817: CRestoreShell::WasLastRestoreFromSafeMode
    13081: Invalid Argument, out of range
    13113: Cannot create RestorePointObject Instance, hr=%d
    13165: QI failed, hr=%d
    13185: CRestoreShell::Item
    13205: Cannot QI IRenamedFolders, hr=0x%08X
    13245: Cannot create CRenamedFolders object, hr=0x%08X
    13293: CRestoreShell::get_RenamedFolders
    13358: RP: '%ls'
    13369: d:\xpsp1\admin\pchealth\sr\shell\htmlui2.cpp
    13417: CRestorePointInfo::HrInit
    13445: CRestorePointInfo::get_Name
    13473: CRestorePointInfo::get_Type
    13501: CRestorePointInfo::get_SquenceNumber
    13541: CRestorePointInfo::get_TimeStamp
    13577: CRestorePointInfo::get_Year
    13605: CRestorePointInfo::get_Month
    13637: CRestorePointInfo::get_Day
    13665: CRestorePointInfo::get_IsAdvanced
    13701: CRestorePointInfo::CompareSequence
    13737: CRenamedFolders::get_Count
    13765: CRenamedFolders::OldName
    13793: CRenamedFolders::NewName
    13821: CRenamedFolders::Location
    13989: d:\xpsp1\admin\pchealth\sr\shell\logfile.cpp
    14037: ::MapViewOfFile failed - %ls
    14069: ::CreateFileMapping failed - %ls
    14105: ::GetFileSize failed - %ls
    14133: ::CreateFile failed - %ls
    14161: CMappedFileRead::Open
    14185: Insufficient data - %d bytes (need=%d bytes)
    14233: CMappedFileRead::Read(LPVOID,DWORD)
    14269: CMappedFileRead::Read(DWORD*)
    14301: Invalid string length - %d (max=%d)
    14341: CMappedFileRead::Read(LPWSTR,DWORD)
    14377: Invalid restore log file signature...
    14417: Unknown trailing data after the EndOfMap marker...
    14469: Drv#%d - %08X, %ls, %ls, %ls
    14501: RP ID = %d, # of Drives = %d, New RP=%d
    14541: Unknown restore log file version - %d (0x%08X)
    14589: ValidateLogFile
    14605: Deleting RP %d
    14621: d:\xpsp1\admin\pchealth\sr\shell\main.cpp
    14665: CancelRestorePoint
    14685: ! WriteFile : %ld
    14793: m_dwCmd=%d, dwRP=%d
    14901: Option='%ls'
    14917: Cmd='%ls'
    14929: ParseCommandParameter
    14953: Closing rstrui.exe...
    14977: EnableFIFO() failed
    15073: ! SRFormatMessage
    15093: _tWinMain
    15257: Out of range, IFIRSTDAYOFWEEK = %d
    15293: nFirstDay=%d
    15309: GetLocaleInfo(IFIRSTDAYOFWEEK) failed - %ls
    15353: d:\xpsp1\admin\pchealth\sr\shell\rstrmgr.cpp
    15401: CRestoreManager::GetFirstDayOfWeek
    15441: DisableFIFO(1) failed...
    15469: CRestoreManager::DisableFIFO
    15501: EnableFIFO() failed...
    15525: CRestoreManager::EnableFIFO
    15553: ::GetDateFormat failed - %s
    15581: CRestoreManager::GetDateStr
    15609: ::GetTimeFormat failed - %s
    15637: CRestoreManager::GetTimeStr
    15665: m_fDenyClose=%d
    15681: CRestoreManager::DenyClose
    15709: m_fNeedReboot=%d
    15729: CRestoreManager::NeedReboot
    15757: ::FileTimeToSystemTime failed - %ls
    15793: ::FileTimeToLocalFileTime failed - %ls
    15833: CSRTime::SetFileTime
    15857: ***Less than 80MB free - cannot run restore***
    15905: ! GetDiskFreeSpaceEx : %ld
    15933: SRSetRestorePoint failed
    15985: SR cannot get free disk space!!!
    16021: SR is Frozen!!!
    16037: SR cannot get system drive!!!
    16069: Service is not running...
    16097: ::CreateProcess failed - %ls
    16173: ::LoadString(%u) failed - %ls
    16205: SR is DISABLED!!!
    16225: SR is DISABLED by group policy!!!
    16261: CRestoreManager::CanRunRestore
    16293: Out of range, nIndex=%d - m_nRFI=%d
    16329: FATAL, entry is NULL: nIndex=%d, m_nRFI=%d
    16373: CRestoreManager::GetRFI
    16397: Out of range, nIndex=%d - m_nRPI=%d
    16433: FATAL, entry is NULL: nIndex=%d, m_nRPI=%d
    16477: CRestoreManager::GetRPI
    16565: Prepare Restore failed...
    16593: DisableFIFO(%d) failed...
    16621: CRestoreManager::CheckRestore
    16653: m_pCtx is NULL
    16669: CRestoreManager::BeginRestore
    16701: # of RP=%d
    16713: CRestoreManager::UpdateRestorePointList
    16753: Cannot create CRestoreManager instance...
    16797: Invalid parameter, ppMgr is NULL...
    16833: CreateRestoreManagerInstance
    16865: CRestoreManager::SetSelectedPoint
    16901: CSnapshot::CleanupAfterRestore failed - %ls
    16945: CRestoreManager::SetRPsUsed
    16985: BeginRestore failed
    17005: CheckRestore failed
    17025: m_nRealPoint=%d, m_nRP=%d
    17053: CRestoreManager::SilentRestore
    17114: d:\xpsp1\admin\pchealth\sr\shell\rstrprog.cpp
    17161: CRstrProgress::get_hWnd
    17185: CRstrProgress::get_Max
    17209: CRstrProgress::get_Min
    17233: CRstrProgress::get_Value
    17261: Invoke returned %d
    17281: CRstrProgress::Fire_OnCreate
    17421: ::MultiByteToWideChar returns inconsistent length - %d / %d
    17481: ::MultiByteToWideChar failed - %s
    17517: d:\xpsp1\admin\pchealth\sr\shell\util.cpp
    17561: CSRStr::ConvertA2W
    17581: ::FormatMessage failed - %ls
    17613: SRFormatMessage
    17629: ShowSRErrDlg
    17645: ::SHGetValue failed - %ls
    17673: SRGetRegDword
    17689: CSRStr::SetStr(LPCWSTR,int)
    17737: SRRemoveRestorePoint
    17761: SRUpdateDSSize
    17777: SRSetRestorePointW
    17797: DisableSR
    17809: EnableFIFO
    17821: DisableFIFO
    17833: EnableSR
    17845: EnableSREx
    17857: srclient.dll
    17873: RegDBRestore
    17889: RegDBBackup
    18513: DeleteFile failed ec=%d
    18537: DeleteTempRestoreFile
    18561: Deleting files failed error %ld
    18593: DeleteAllFilesBySuffix
    18633: ! DeleteFile : %ld
    18653: DeleteReconstructedTempFile
    18681: DeleteAllReconstructedFiles
    18721: m_pCurrentRp = NULL
    18741: CRestorePointEnum::FindNextRestorePoint
    18781: ! GetCurrentRestorePoint : %ld
    18813: Cannot allocate memory for m_pCurrentRp
    18853: Cannot allocate pFindData
    18881: CRestorePointEnum::FindFirstRestorePoint
    18961: ! CreateFile on %S : %ld
    18989: ! ReadFile on %S : %ld
    19013: SRMemAlloc failed
    19033: CRestorePoint::ReadLog
    19105: SRCLIENT.dll
    19145: SetFileAttributes ignoring %ld
    19249: OpenService failed 0x%x
    19273: OpenSCManager failed 0x%x
    19301: SetServiceStartup
    19321: ! QueryServiceConfig (first) : %ld
    19357: ! QueryServiceConfig (second) : %ld
    19393: ! SRMemAlloc
    19409: SR Service is not running
    19437: QueryServiceStatus failed 0x%x
    19469: IsSRServiceRunning
    19489: ! WriteNtUnicodeString : %ld
    19529: ! CreateFileW : %ld
    19549: ! GetComputerNameW : %ld
    19577: GetDomainMembershipInfo
    19617: LogDSFileTrace
    19633: pfnMethod failed. ec=%d.file=%S
    19669: dwErr != ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES. It is %d
    19709: Base dir %S
    19721: Ignoring long file %S
    19773: FindFirstFile failed ec=%d. Filename is %S
    19817: FindFirstFile returned %d
    19845: ProcessGivenFiles
    19893: RegType is %d, not %d
    19917: RegQueryValueEx failed error 0x%x
    19953: RegOpenKeyEx open error 0x%x
    19985: Trying to open %S %S
    20009: ReadRegKey
    20021: Restore failed because of disk space
    20061: CheckForDiskSpaceError
    20085: Last restore was not done in safe mode
    20125: Last restore was done in safe mode
    20161: WasLastRestoreInSafeMode
    20189: Couldn't get alternative name.
    20221: SRGetAltFileName
    20257: Failed to load framedyn.dll on second attempt. ec=%d
    20353: Buffer not big enough. WinSys is %d chars long
    20401: Failed to load system directory. ec=%d
    20441: Failed to load framedyn.dll on first attempt. ec=%d
    20493: LoadFrameDyn
    20537: Failed to load srclient.dll. ec=%d
    20601: Failed to load framedyn.dll
    20629: LoadSrClient
    20645: RemoveDirectory failed with %d
    20677: DeleteFile or TakeOwn failed with %d
    20717: Delnode_Recurse failed with %d, ignoring
    20761: Delnode_Recurse failed with %d
    20793: Delnode_Recurse
    20861: INTERNAL__AsyncBinaryTrace
    20889: INTERNAL__AsyncStringTrace
    20917: INTERNAL__SetAsyncTraceParams
    20949: INTERNAL__DebugAssert
    20973: INTERNAL__FlushAsyncTrace
    21001: INTERNAL__TermAsyncTrace
    21029: INTERNAL__InitAsyncTrace
    21081: EnabledTraces
    22037: rstrui.pdb
    25515: PPPPPPP
    25585: PVVVVVV
    25612: u4VVVV
    26430: t%8^lt 9^x
    28077: PPVPPW
    28738: u93Wt\
    28942: |PVhL,
    31486: tLVh<.
    34721: WWWhT2
    46327: 90u29p
    51617: PQQQQQ
    52634: tGf98tBP
    53419: tGf98tBP
    54069: tGf98tBP
    57627: tUVhX=
  11. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Well done! I am not sure what is causing the problem with WG - you could send a copy of your read out to support@diamondcs.com.au they may give you a better answer regarding your list than I can.

    I am glad the shotrcut worked
  12. Julian

    Julian Guest

    Have had the same problem with Help & Support. The problem is caused by the system creating a zero byte file with the same name. Do a search for helpctr.exe and delete all zero byte copies, the program then runs as normal.
  13. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Yeah, thanks Julian for the reminder. I delete occasionally the 0 bytes files i see for about every function, and i think it helps. For a few i copied the original exe in strategical places so they keep working anyway.
  14. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Yeh, Thanks Julian I did state that earlier in the thread but it cannot be stated enough :)
  15. Peaches4U

    Peaches4U Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    At my computer
    When I found helpctr.exe & then created a shortcut to the desktop, there were no zero files - should I be looking elsewhere? Am not familiar with zero files. :oops:

    The reason WormGuard is not allowing System Restore to run is because the virus spread & is resident there. Someone on another forum was able to read the contents as posted and pointed to several areas of infection. This proves that WormGuard is doing it's thing well. :D

    Thank you to everyone for being so helpful - it is very much appreciated. I have truly learned a great deal from not only those helping me but also from reading other parts of the forums. Again thanks from a peachy learner :-*
  16. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    P4U if you mean in the long listing from above, for our info could you mention the line numbers or is this not what you mean? Even though i noticed in my older emails i received that infection various times i didn't run it nor do i have system restore so i can't reproduce it overhere.
    Had hiped that fix would disinfect the nasty and eventually delete, with disabling the system restore, reboot, enabling system restore again making a new restore point and deleting or lceaning out all older points i had hoped you would have been completely rid of it so i'm really puzzling in your current system restore you would still have that infection. If possible delete the thing please and you should be really clean if that fix did it's work.
    If you know the file names/elements normally one hunts for those on the system and deletes them too.

    Anyway, good to know WG does it's work well, never doubted on that :)

    About the size 0 bytes files:
    If you do a search on your system for files that size, you migth find various. Windows creates them if it can't get to the original file for some reason in the directory from where you ar calling that function.
    Now yoyu are on XP, so for you files size 0kb may or may not really be 0 bytes. So find them. In your TDs in the scanoptions you see you can configure TDS to scan those too and see if they are reall empty or contain streams. These are not necessarily malicious: several programs like virus scanners put code there for later control if there were modifications for instance, checksums, whatever.
    So if TDS with that scanning tells you they are really clean, delete them. If TDS says they are suspicious, ask advice.
    If they are just normal innocent things from the scanners, leave them in peace as they will be recreated again i suppose.
    But deleting them were really empty might make your system work nicer.
  17. Peaches4U

    Peaches4U Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    At my computer
    Jooske - I did disable System Restore, reboot, enable, reboot, and no deal. Simply by disabling SR in XP will delete all the previous restore points automatically, leaving only the last restore point. In my opinion the last restore point would be after the virus infection and I do not think I would be wise to use it. Not being familiar with what I can and cannot do in SR, my question was as to whether I could delete everything completely in system restore and then set a new restore point as at the date of deletion. It seems all the advice I get is delete to the last restore point which in my opinion will not get rid of the virus. That is why I am still messing around with it. My guru who set up my computer for me last year may have an answer as he uses XP and should know how SR can be dealt with in this situation. Shall give him a call tomorrow. Anyway, the virus is nowhere else in my computer as I deleted any reference found including deletion from Quarantine. My computer is clean except for this one area which is in doubt. I followed the FixSobig tool instructions after the first fix twice and each time it said the SoBig virus could not be found. If that is the case, and WormGuard thinks it is still in SR - could it be that WormGuard is reading a killed virus? :doubt:

    I found four 0 files in Documents & Settings including helpctr.exe - they have been deleted after I scanned them. They were clean. :)
  18. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    We just want you to get rid of ALL the former system restore points and make a clean one from the new clean situation manually.
    This should solve the problem, as what is deleted completely should no longer be there.

    Read here please:

    If the 0 bytes files are found clean from streams or other stuff delete them!
    Look if there is anything in TDS, WG, famous places to collect them for some reasons, and deleting them occasionally will keep your Help running too we might hope.
  19. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Peaches4u, You can turn off SR completely. You can then set the restore size allowance % to nothing. Delete all restore points Restart your PC and you will have created a restore point of 0 bytes Check that there are no earlier points left & reboot Therefore effectively "killing" any unwanted data in the restore. After this you could then increase the restore point allowance to it's original %.

    HTH Pilli
  20. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Maybe after disable restore > reboot > SCAN > reboot and don't use that sobig fix anymore if the scan was clean and don't let that fix touch your restore or whatever, you should be clean very brand clean cleaner can only be with a reformat but ok, you were supposed very clean.
    As with Pilli's instruction you should now have an empty restore point, this is clean as well,
    so if you think you really want and need to have a restore enabled, this might be the moment for a careful try to make one manually and see what WG does with it, i guess after another reboot.
    What were the WG messages btw?
  21. Peaches4U

    Peaches4U Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    At my computer
    Hi - am behind schedule - have unexpected visitors and now
    houseguests until Monday and need quiet to do all this. :rolleyes:Have suggestions all printed out and ready to roll as soon as visitors leave. Till then, this is the message from WormGuard:
    This file has been temporarily blocked from executing.
    Risk Assessment: Medium
    Script Analysis: Security risks detected.
    WormG Script analysis:
    . contains suspicious string: startup
    . executes a file
    . Accesses the file system.
    File Script: MZO
  22. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Hi P4U, i am very sure there was more in the source of the file, for that is that button "view in safe mode" at the right under the display to see it all.
    But it might have been in another code.
    What kind of file was it, how did you get it and what was the name, and where is it located?
  23. Gavin - DiamondCS

    Gavin - DiamondCS Former DCS Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Perth, Western Australia
    Is this the System Restore thing ? just click ALWAYS ALLOW :)
  24. Peaches4U

    Peaches4U Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    At my computer
    Hi folks. Decided to forfeit some sleep and get it over with once & for all. There is absolutely no reason at this stage for WG to stop the file from running and I have pretty much decided as suggested by Gavin to allow the file to always run. I have checked my system most thoroughly.
    > No errors in registry
    > No errors after doing a Program Integrity scan
    > No errors re Free Space check.
    > Virus definitions are up to date.
    > No errors re Disk check
    > No erros re Scan Disk.
    > Virus Scans clean.
    > I created a fresh restore point this evening & removed all others.
    > It was recommended that I reduce my restore space to 3% rather than 12% where it was set- 3% it is now!!
    > WG still says "No" and I say yes, I shall run the file as I am confident my computer is clean.
    > Computer running smooth as silk. :)

    Last but not the least, I am going ADSL and off cable sooner than later.

    On that note, thank you everyone for your input and assistance - you have all been very helpful. You are the greatest! :-*

    Oh & Jooske, I have my email so tightly configured, thanks to your list of extensions, and suggestions that "touch wood", I shall never have to deal with a virus again. It is only my 3rd time in 3 yrs. - hopefully now it will be reduced to nil. :D My next newsletter will have a nice write up about Wilderssecurity, WG & TDS in my "Computer Junkies" section.
  25. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Peaches4U, I'm am sincerely gald that all appears well again. My first experiance of infection was the QAZ Trojan, fortunatly an alert tech at my ISP had been tracking it through their network & informed me immediately that I was infected - I had just changed from Dial up to cable and the Trojan had got in during the change over process .
    This lead me to investigate all the security aspects of an "always on" connection. Again, fortunately I came across DCS very early in that learning process, since then some two & half years later I have not had another Trojan, virus or worm.

    Great products & superb support!

    Be lucky - Pilli
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