World's Smallest Functional Keylogger Project 3,584 Bytes Small 3.5k

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  1. ZOverLord

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    Jul 17, 2005
    This Project is now a Featured Article on :)

    The Programs and Files included are Copyright 2005, by ZOverLord, All Rights Reserved

    This is a Proof Of Concept for Educational Purposes ONLY!


    This program is 3.5K small, as in 3,584 bytes and can do ANYTHING other Key-Loggers claim, this is Version 1.0, a Stealth version will be next to show Hiding concepts.

    The program was created because MANY people claimed that you could NOT use a Stand-Alone program ("Without the Global hook procedure being located in a DLL") to do
    low-level keyboard Key-Logging. As I say.....


    The Goals of this project were:

    1. Keep it Small.
    2. Minimize as much as possible, CPU overhead.
    3. Make sure only ONE copy per user can run but support fast user switching.
    4. Allow logging files on a per user basis.
    5. Provide as much information as possible of WHERE the key strokes came from.
    6. Allow this to be installed and run using a non ADMIN account.
    7. Don't place the Global Low-Level Hook procedure in a .dll.
    8. Allow a Hot Key combination to stop it.
    9. Show others for educational purposes how it was done.

    Download the Entire Project Including Source, Pre-Complied Example, Build File and Documentation Here:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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