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    Name: WM97/Ded-T
    Type: Word 97 macro virus
    Date: 15 February 2002

    At the time of writing Sophos has received just one report of this virus from the wild.


    WM97/Ded-T is a polymorphic member of the WM97/Ded family. It may delete the Word Normal.dot file.

    Read the analysis at

    UNICRON Technical Expert

    Feb 14, 2002
    Nanaimo BC Canada
    Hey Jan, gotta love the MS Word for windows "macro virus" don't ya. I use VBA for lots of suff in Access, Excel, and even Outlook, but I'll be d@mned if I can find a good reason for it to be in Word. All it is is a virus manufacturing center built into the world's most common text editor. Man, I could write some nasty sh!t in there in I was so inclined.
Thread Status:
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