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    Nov 22, 2004
    There are many posts about DeepFreeze or ShadowUser in this forum, but I believe WinRollBack also deserves being mentioned, and appears to have at least one advantage over DP or SU:

    WINRollBack offers the novel facility to deactivate the protective effect during operating time in order to permanently define modifications without prior restart.

    It works as follows:
    To deactivate WinRollBack you must double-click the tray-icon and enter the correct password. The administration of WinRollBack will be opened. Inside the administration you must select the partition/drive and click the button "Deactivate".
    All changes on the selected partition will be made permanent on the selected partition/drive.
    Changes that where done since the last start of the PC will be made permanently.

    This in my view a huge advantage, as it removes the painfull steps of inactivation/reboot/trusted software installation/reboot/re-activation required for installing a trusted software.
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