WinPatrol v33.6.2015.17 Released

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    WinPatrol v33.6.2015.17
    July 25 2015

    Please note: WinPatrol is not always starting after upgrade.
    You can always start WinPatrol from your start-menu or by restarting your computer.

    Whats New
    • Enhanced start-up logic to include more start-up programs.
    • Better detection of 64 bit startup and active tasks.
    • Better detection of 64 bit program status.
    • Fixes for repeat alerts.
    • Improved installation/upgrade.
    • Support for Windows 10 Edge cookies (No Spartan Cookies).
    • Fixes potential error when disabling/enabling startup tasks that would corrupt data on the screen.
    • Active Tasks page now displays all running instances of the same executable.
    • Ability to terminate all active tasks for the same program.
    • Fixed bug that would result in unwanted UAC prompts when running WinPatrol Explorer

    More Info l Download: WinPatrol 2015