WinPatrol v28.5.2013 Released

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    WinPatrol v28.5.2013 Released
    Date: July 15th 2013

    This update provides enhancements and fixes to version 28. The number of changes have been done to support machines that have 64 bit processors. The other major enhancement is in the removable of unwanted toolbars that won't uninstall correctly. This type of enhancement will continue in future updates.

    • Fixed dialog used to select current user or all users when launching a program.
    • Fix to Delayed Start programs that don't properly launch
    • Moved Repair and Reset Tools from PLUS to Options tab//screen.
    • Enhanced removed of unwanted toolbars.
    • Improvements to Community Shield based on other WinPatrol users.

    Registration Improvements
    When installing WinPatrol you'll be asked to supply your name, country and email. This information is used for statistical reasons to help BillP Studios understand the rate WinPatrol is installed, how installations react to promotions and especially how we can make WinPatrol PLUS the best possible value. Your name and email is used as a unique identifier and also helps to quickly find any requested PLUS codes that may be lost..

    Anyone concerned about privacy didn't have to provide their truthful information but still had to fill in the form to continue.. Even though it's a standard practice to request registration for free software we don't want to alienate any fans of WinPatrol.
    Version 28.0 found a new way to provide the same statistics without requiring a name or Email. All registration information is now optional.

    Improved Handling of Invalid Filenames
    When programs are uninstalled poorly there can often be left over characters or spaces that frequently trigger WinPatrol alerts that contain no information. This version reduces the possibility of corrupted filenames.

    Better Display when File Does Not Exist
    Much of the information displayed by WinPatrol comes from registry and our goal is to let users see what's in the registry without having to know how to use regedit.exe. In some cases, programs have been registered but the file no longer exists. Often other security software removes the file but doesn't update registry pointers. This version make it more obvious when a file no longer exists and is no possible threat.

    WinPatrol runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, including x64 versions,
    and can be installed directly over your current WinPatrol.
    There is no need to remove your previous version or reactivate WinPatrol PLUS

    More Info l Download: WinPatrol 2013
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