WinPatrol 9.0 Released

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by hayc59, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. hayc59

    hayc59 Guest

    WinPatrol 9.0 - Feb 21th, 2005
    Thank you once again to all our PLUS members for supporting WinPatrol and keeping us on our paws. WinPatrol 9.0 has more features requested by our long time users than any other upgrade. We've even included one new feature just for our PLUS members!
    • The WinPatrol interface is now RESIZABLE( #1 requested enhancement)
      Since our first version of WinPatrol we've had requests for the ability to resize the WinPatrol interface. Under normal circumstance the PropertySheet style window isn't resizable. According to the Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy it couldn't be done but we aim to please. A few late nights and some encouragement from WinPatrol users and online reviewers, Viola', resize WinPatrol to any size you like. Sorry, not available on Windows 98 and ME.
    • PLUS members can search on ANY program( #1 most requested PLUS enhancement)
      Click on the PLUS tab and enter any program name. PLUS members can now enter any program name and search for PLUS Info.
    • ADD programs to your Startup List( #2 most requested enhancement)
      We've always been quick to point out that WinPatrol is far more than a Startup Program utility. Even so, many of Scotty's friends have requested the ability to add programs to the start up list. WinPatrol users will quickly be able to configure their systems so they can determine what programs will start at boot time.
    • Scotty now monitors your Services(Windows NT, Win2000 & XP)
      For the most part we haven't seen a lot of mysteryware being installed as Windows Services. This is changing and many newly discovered threats have are being installed as a Windows Service. Scotty will not monitor what Services you have installed and will alert you to anything new. At that time you'll be given a chance to Disable and/or Stop the newly discovered Service.
    • Multiple Select available to Remove or Disable Startup Programs.
      We've added the ability to hold down the control key and select multiple programs. This seems necessary after one of Scotty's friends reported finding over 500+ Startup Programs on his daughter's computer.
      Using Multiple select for Disable and Enable will also allow users to easily reboot between full system functionality and limited startup required for some game and other environments.
    • Cookies are now removed from both the cookie folder and the Internet Temp folder.
      In the past, Scotty hasn't bothered removing cookies in the Internet Temporary folder. This folder is cleaned up by individual settings in your Internet Explorer browser. While the cookies found in the temp folder don't matter they do cause confusion when other AntiSpyware programs report tracking cookies that exist in this folder.
    • Export and backup your WinPatrol your settings
      You can now back up all your WinPatrol settings with a single click. The new Export function created a file that contains all your WinPatrol registry settings as an .REG file. Anytime in the future you can click on this file and it will reproduce your last WinPatrol settings.
    • Reports now integrated into a single all inclusive file.
      We've cleaned up our interface and added our report button to the Options tab. Now with a single click WinPatrol will create a log of all the programs that Scotty cares about. The log file can be very useful in case you experience problems with WinPatrol or handy if you'd like someone else to review your system looking for problems. Report is also available when you right-click on any program title.
    • Extra warning when turning on the "Alert me to all new cookies".
      WinPatrol has a feature which will notify users anytime new cookies are added. In the old days this feature made sense and we have provided it at the request of our long time friends. The default setting is off but occasionally, someone will turn it on and not realize what they did. We now provide an extra warning letting people know that we don't recommend using this feature.
    • View Cookie Screen Resizable.
      Actually this window was resizable in our last version but it wasn't obviously. This window now includes a drag bar in the lower corner and a Status bar along the bottom.
    • Extra useful information in the Status Bar
      Most interface experts will acknowledge nobody ever reads what's displayed in the status bar but since we use a Drag Bar, the Status Bar area comes along anyway. Under most Tab Screens when you click on a program title WinPatrol will display the full path of the program in the Status bar.
      Exceptions can be found with Startup Programs which will indicate the location used to make this program an auto/always start program.
      IE Helpers will also show you the location of the registry entry which is removed if you decided to remove the Toolbar, Extenstion of Browser Helper Object.
    • New Artwork
      We hope you enjoy our new artwork and hope it helps distinguish between various pages and alerts
    Download - Install WinPatrol 9.0
    More: Info
  2. planetX

    planetX Guest

    That's great news! I always like to wait a while though, because there is usually a few bugs that need to be worked out after a new release of WP.
  3. bellgamin

    bellgamin Very Frequent Poster

    Aug 1, 2002
    Scotty looks like he lost some weight. Or is it my imagination.
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