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  1. SaveFeriss

    SaveFeriss Guest

    Firstly I apologise if this is in the wrong section.

    I would just like to ask about something that keeps trying to connect through my Firewll to the internet. I am using Sygate Personal Firewall and it regulary prompts me whether to allow "Kernall32.dll" to conect.

    I always refuse it, but yesterday I allowed it through once as I was just getting sick and tired of it asking me, and ever since my computer is quite laggy.

    For instance if I minimise my browser (firefox) there is a delay for it minimising. Kind of like it does it in sections and it takes a little bit for my desktop to display. It's hard to explain exactly, but it doesnt 'look' right.

    Im currently doing BitDefenders online scanner tool, but I guess this isnt going to tell me whether Ive been hacked or have any trojans or whatever on here.

    Im quite a security novice and use Ad-Aware and Spybot which both always find the same problems everytime I run them, I remove them, but they pop up next time anyway.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated here.
  2. Oddbod

    Oddbod Guest


    If that file is spelt the way U posted it i would BLOCK it in Ur firewall, in XP kernel32.dll is located in the Windows\System32 directory. Any other spelling of it is very suspicious.

    I would recommend U scan the file with KAV online file scanner at kaspersky . com.

    I would also recommend U run Spybot &/or AdAware & a good anti trojan app like the trial of TDS3 (U can download the updated Radius.td3 file from the tsd website.

    Try to clean the system while offline & if Ur firewall prompts U again i would block it totally.

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