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  1. toploader

    toploader Registered Member

    Aug 19, 2005
    hi i've still got an old Windows 95 computer which i use occasionally.

    the browser is way out of date (old netscape) and i can't update it cos the new version don't support 95. same goes for most other browsers i tried including opera. IE is totally screwed by a previous system problem so i can't use that either. so to anyone using 95 - are there any 95 compatible browsers that don't need IE to be functional?

    tried installing Crap Cleaner to cleanup - but the GUI doesn't work properly in 95 so i can't use it. any alternatives?

    are there any reg cleaners that definitely work with 95? (good free ones)

    also any spyware cleaners? tried AdAware but doesn't work under 95.

    any other useful progs for 95?

  2. Paranoid2000

    Paranoid2000 Registered Member

    May 2, 2004
    North West, United Kingdom
    See the Opera Windows archive for older versions of Opera. However Opera 8 should work with Windows 95 (according to their download page) so if it doesn't then maybe there is another problem with the system preventing browser installation or network access?
  3. toploader

    toploader Registered Member

    Aug 19, 2005
    hi P2 - i did try opera some time back (cant remember which version) it just wouldn't start. had similar problems when trying other progs anything that didn't work with 95 just didn't start. having said that my 95 OS is in a bad state - probably beyond repair - i tried going to some repair sites but the browser just crashed because it's so out of date. there are some programs that still work on 95 which i need and wouldn't work under XP because they are ancient (i know XP has some kind of compatibility function built in but can't be bothered to try it yet)
  4. Beef

    Beef Guest

    Copy and paste:

    ## If the appropriate files are in the Windows directory, the following DOS commands will start the repair or install process and keep your applications and files intact. At the command prompt which looks like this: C:\> type: cd:\windows\options\cabs and press enter. Then type: setup and press enter. Windows "should" start to reinstall. Notes: If you suspect a virus, run a virus program as soon as possible after the reinstall to prevent re-infection.
    ( Note: cd:\ is a change directory switch, it has nothing to do with a CD-ROM )
    Warning: Do NOT use Oemsetup.exe as it will reformat the drive and erase the files. ##

    end copy

    TL, you can use Spider to clean win95.....if you can locate a download site.......

    you will also need to add MSCONFIG....(download an just leave it on the instal required.....then tweak tour start-up......)

    internet explorer 5 should install just find.....have installed it on win95 in the past........but again its a matter of locating a download its stead KMELON may work...not sure.

    win95 can be extensively tweaked ..see: for updates

    by the way.... media player 7 can also be installed......its a little tricky for some

    sorry, this is all the time I have at the moment......good luck

    oh, AVG should also install without problem
  5. Beef

    Beef Guest

    Copy and paste:

    Commands needed to use Scanreg command switches for use when the computer is booted into
    Command Prompt or DOS mode.

    Scanreg /?
    Shows a help screen.

    Scanreg /backup
    Backs up the Registry.

    Scanreg /restore
    Restores the Registry; you're asked to choose from the backed-up versions.

    Scanreg /fix
    Repairs the Registry.

    Scanreg /opt
    Optimizes the Registry.

    After you run a registry cleaner reboot and hold the CTRL button down, until you get the boot menu.
    Choose Command prompt only. At the C:\> type 'scanreg /opt' and press enter (this will clean up
    the unused space left in your registry by all the deleted entries which can lead to possible
    registry corruption)
    At the next prompt for insurance, fix your registry, ie correct any errors by typing this:
    scanreg /fix >press enter
    At the next prompt type 'win' and press enter to restart Windows.

    TL try the above.
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