Windows 8.1 With 2 Picture Folders

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    Sep 30, 2008
    I am running Windows 8.1 x64 Pro. I have 2 SSD's in my laptop. Primary C drive is 180Gb Intel. Secondary is a 120Gb Samsung Evo 840.

    I have all of my documents redirected to my secondary SSD. So for example My Documents folder points to D:\Documents, Downloads is D:\Downloads, so on and so forth.

    I noticed that I have 2 pictures folders. They both point to D:\Pictures. However, I believe one is supposed to be a video folder based on the folder icon. If I reset one of the picture folders locations its changes both defaults.

    I have also used this reg key process to delete the offending video folder and then recreate it and it recreates with the same Pictures name and settings.

    How do I fix this?

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