Windows 8 -1 PC License Question

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    I have a installation disc set for Windows 8, which I assume is 1-PC license. It is not an OEM version that was pre-installed - PC is several years old. It is installed on a PC whose hard drive fails S.M.A.R.T. and unless there is some error in S.M.A.R.T., could fail at any time. The reason for the result is a "Failure" re: Reallocated Sectors. Last week it was at the threshold and now is reported as a "Failure." I have about 7,000 pending reallocations. PC still seems to be working OK. [I only use approx. 100 gigs of it's 500 gig hard drive.]

    If I stop using that PC, and install my copy of Windows 8 on a new PC is there some special procedure I need to go through with Microsoft to activate/install that copy on the new PC?

    Saw this in a Q & A for Windows 8 on Amazon. Is this correct? And if it is, does it happen automatically? It's a bit unclear.

    "Only ONE PC at a time. As I understand, an encrypted/licensed 'handshake' is established between the PC currently installed on and validated on the Microsoft Validation Servers as the ONE PC licensed. So, if one takes that same CD and tries to install on another PC, it will not work (read on), as the 'handshake' has been established and validated by the Microsoft Validation Servers on the first PC. That said, however, one can install/validate the license on a 2nd PC, but the 'handshake' on the previous PC will be eliminated on the Microsoft License Validation servers. In other words, ""ONLY ONE PC at the same time"" can be validated on the Microsoft Validation Servers. And only that one PC can be used, NOT two or more. If one wants to use it on more than one PC, then more licenses are required."
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    It should go fine, though you may have to do a phone activation to validate. I don't have Win8, but on Vista/7 I've had numerous machines where I've had to swap out mainboards or whatnot and have to reactivate.