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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by TECHWG, Jun 9, 2006.

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    TECHWG Guest

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me a fix for this issue. My issue is to do with multipul voice connections, but this example will demonstrate the problem.

    The ability to load 2 sound recorders (sndrec32.exe) and press record on both and it record the mic both copies of recorder and same with loading 6 copys . . i need to be able to be on voice with MSN & Yahoo and also in Counterstrike as i can in XP, but i never have been able to in 2000 even with new drivers . . . is this a known issue since my friends had the same isssue too. This issue and the lack of user switching is the only thing keeping me on XP . . i LOVE 2000, but i cant live withought multipul voice . . i can deal with no user switching for the most part

    Thanks guyso_O

    TECHWG Guest

    anyone ?
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    Hi TECHWG,

    Barring helpful response here, you may do better posing this question in a SIP specific forum such as -
    Unfamiliar myself with this protocol .... you may be able to locate information pertaining to your query on's wiki.

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