Windows 10 Migration to NMVe SSD

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  1. switch284

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    Nov 10, 2015
    Paragon Disk Manager copied Windows 10 partition to my new Samsung 950 pro SSD
    I cannot get computer to boot from this drive
    I have AsRock X99 Extreme4 mainboard with latest uEFI BIOS
    AS Rock themselves could not help, they only suggested installing windows 10 new
    Upgrading from Windows 7 cannot be done on NVMe devices. While there is a Hotfix to enable NVMe in windows 7 after it is installed it is not a workable solution to install Win 7 on an NVMe device
  2. Dick99999

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    Aug 3, 2012
    I just upgraded my Dell XPS 15, that had a WD 1TB rotating drive, to a Samsung SSD 840 EVO 750 GB SSD. My Dell also has UEFI and secure boot. I also could not boot after replacing the rotating drive by the SSD. An error alike 'no boot device found'.

    - I managed to produce a Paragon WinPE recovery media builder USB stick with windows 10 running, after reinstalling the original rotating disk.
    - I changed the rotating disk for the prepared Samsung SSD that would not boot, and inserted the USB stick.
    - Booted that recovery USB stick by switching off UEFI (F2 while booting) and used legacy BIOS mode to boot that USB stick.
    - After that, I don't exactly remember, but I let those utilities change the boot parameters of the Samsung. I think I used 'Correct the boot config' and 'Correcting EFI parameters'.
    - Switched off the laptop and removed the USB stick
    - Then switched off BIOS mode (F2 while booting) and switched on UEFI and secure boot.
    - Booted form the SSD
    It worked and I am using the Samsung SSD for a few days now. My laptop was already fast, but it is really fast now.
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