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    One of the several things that I really like about Windows10 Firewall Control (W10FC) is that I DO NOT NEED TO WRITE RULES. Why? Because W10FC has already written them for me. To wit: W10FC has provided a VERY GRANULAR pre-defined rule for everything I want a firewall to do. For example:

    1- As is the case for almost every computer user, I run an Email program several times every day. All I want is for my Email program to handle email and NOTHING else.

    2- Here are the details of W10FC's pre-defined rule for an Email ONLY program:
    3- W10FC calls its pre-written rules "Zones" -- Here is a list of W10FC's ~38 Rules or Zones:
    ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 05 10.32.gif
    ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 05 10.33.gif

    4- After I installed W10FC, the first time I ran my email program (PopPeeper), W10FC popped-up an alert, asking me what I wanted done. The alert let me scroll through a complete list of W10FC's rules or Zones. I simply highlighted the "EmailOnlyZone" & clicked a button and -- Poof -- it was done.

    I am NOT an expert when it comes to developing firewall rules. Not even close. But I do want a very granular firewall, with well-defined rules for restricting the "connect out" capabilities of every program & file on my computer. On the other hand, I don't want to take the time to "get smart" about the inner workings of firewalls, TCP, ports, etc. -- and with W10FC, I don't need to. I really LIKE that!

    Uhh.. by the way, for those of you who ARE firewall gurus, W10FC does allow you to write your own rules and also it lets you edit its pre-written rules, if you so desire.
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