windows 10 and antivirus ,excessive number of files scanned

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    Jan 25, 2005
    could be silly but i have noticed that many antivirus do scan an excessive number of files

    for example
    on the same machine , clean install of windows 10 , 8 and 7 i have installed eset smart security 9 last version and tested

    all the settings of eset smart security 9 are the same ,and same hardware
    real time scanner same settings , extensions ->scan all files Disabled . scan extensionless files Disabled

    i said that are clean install of w10 ,8 , and 7 , in short the only software installed is the antivirus

    well i did boot and kept my pc idle for few minutes , 10 minutes (i have done the last test 1 hours ago)

    eset scanned more then 3200 files and continue to scan ,even it have scanned few minutes before
    under w8.1 and w7 around 600 files

    ok , i said it's sillly question
    but the point is

    have you noticed an eccessive antivirus activity ,real time scanned files under windows 10 compared to w7 or w8?

    it's not related to eset and windows 10 , but it's related to windows 10 and another antivirus