Will the Internet Kill Traditional Car Radio?

Discussion in 'hardware' started by ronjor, May 9, 2010.

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    iPods and other music players, along with (even though I'm well aware they stay "in the red" as far as profits), satellite radio,have been taking the place of standard radio for some time now. Free radio, like the rest of the music business, lost its quality a long time ago. Even for free, between commercial interruption time that almost rivals TV commercial interruption time, and the "Top 10 or Nothing" attitude radio stations have taken, radio simply isn't worth turning on.

    In the case of Pandora, Slacker, and other apps, the business model would have to change if this was to even have a chance of happening (which in reality the chance is almost zero anyway for reasons I'll get into in a moment). License agreements are going to have to become more than the current BS of "We'll let you play this artist from our label, but not this one" and "You can play this song from this artist, but not that song". Sitting in a car going down the road is a lot different from sitting at your desk, the "Skip this song" thing isn't going to work, plus that business model in general is the reason these services have never really "hit the big time". You might as well listen to the radio itself, there's no benefit to justify the guaranteed higher cost of a vehicle with these streaming devices and services installed.

    Another big thing is safety. We already have a problem with cell phones and other devices causing wrecks and lack of attention, why add to the problem with interactive apps? I simply don't see it happening, even just for the safety reason alone. Tech companies are notorious for big dreams and little common sense, and I see this being another example.
Thread Status:
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