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  1. Zhen-Xjell

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    Feb 8, 2002

    Wilders Security Forums staff members can be identified by the special coloring on their member ID.

    Administrators are in Red, and are responsible for overall forum management. Global Moderators are in Blue, and can moderate postings across all forum sections. Dedicated forum moderators are in Green, and usually only moderate in sections associated with the product or specialty specified in their title. Additionally, there are some members with Yellow coded IDs that have special moderating abilities as Forum Helpers, and can moderate in the forum(s) associated with their title.

    These are the people who in some manner volunteer their time to moderate on this site:

    Global ModeratorsForum ModeratorsForum Helpers

    Note: Not shown in the staff listing are the majority of the Yellow coded members, who are actually members of a group called the Experts & Specialists. These are people who are recognized as having a special skill or area of expertise. Such member/title designations are assigned only by forum management.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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