Why cant I delete everything? Reapeating popups. Kernel keeps updating numerous times

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by mrtoad, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. mrtoad

    mrtoad Registered Member

    Jan 9, 2007
    I have some issues with NOD32. Some worse than others so I begin with the easy ones.

    Kernel keeps updating numerous times.
    The NOD32 update baloon keeps poping up numerous times during one day. I like to think you are as affective as that, constantly releasing hotfixes and updates every second minute. But I have to believe thats not the issue here :). Seen posts covering topic althou no solution. Is this solved in 2.5 > versions?

    Reapeating popups.
    IMON and AMON keeps poping up windows with threat alerts. This wouldnt be so bad if it was different issues - but they keep poping up about the same issue all the time. Even if I untick "display messages" I cant completely turn it off ... (why even have such a function if I can only turn it off for a brief period). From a userinteraction design perspective showing messages like this to a normal user just cause distress. It would be better to just messege sysadmin what is wrong. (There might be such a fuction but cant find it...).

    Why cant I delete everything?
    Now and then I get threat alerts where "delete" is not availiable. Why? If I have a possible infection, or even a chance something might be wrong I want to completely purge the affected data. I couldnt care less if it is an important systemfile or the file in question is in use. If my system crashes I will fix it myself, no worries at all. Also, there are about a zillion 3d party software that are able to delete files that are in use (replacer.exe for example). I am confident Eset programers will have no problems implementing such a function for those of us who wants complete control. Windows file protection function is a joke anyways.

    Finally, NOD32 is the single best AV software I ever tried! I actually dont know if you get all viruses. But the efficiency and small sice makes me very happy! Thanks!

    Is there a beta program to sign up on?
  2. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    Hello and Welcome to Wilders !

    Well , just today NOD32 updated some times , more than as we usually see , but when it is updating it means we are getting even more protected against the new threats out there

    You are infected

    No , there is nothing currently :)

    I strongly suggest you
    • Read Blackspear's tutorial and configure your NOD32 as per it (for maximum protection and automated work)
    • Boot in Safe Mode and perform full Scan&Clean (to eliminate the obvious infections your computer has)
    • After you restart you can also scan with Ewido Micro free , just for second opinion :)
    • If even the update pop-up annoys you , open Control Center -> NOD32 System Tools -> NOD32 System Setup -> press Setup and check "Enable silent mode" so that NOD32 doesn't pop-up at all
    • Since you may use silent mode , have the habit to sometimes have a look at the Threat log in NOD32's Control Center to have an idea what is going on :)
    • Read the FAQ of NOD32

    Enjoy ! :thumb:
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