why Baidu has become a strategic investor of Kingsoft.

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    Dec 29, 2012
    Some new speculations why Baidu has become a strategic investor of Kingsoft.

    From South China Morning Post:

    "...a far more interesting possibility in this potential new tie-up would be a future related deal that would bring together Baidu with the up-and-coming young smartphone maker Xiaomi, whose co-founder Lei Jun has strong ties with Kingsoft.

    Such a tie-up would provide a major boost for both companies, giving Baidu a popular new smartphone platform to promote its mobile search business. At the same time, such a pairing would provide Xiaomi with a major Internet partner as part of its drive to move beyond its current status as a niche smartphone player to become a mainstream brand."

    Baidu's Mobile Traffic Is Sky-High. When Will Mobile Revenue Follow?

    "Baidu's (NASDAQ: BIDU ) mobile traffic has exploded over the past few years, but like most tech companies, the Chinese search leader is fighting to find ways to benefit from its mobile presence. Baidu's mobile innovations could have big payoffs, but investors need to be patient."

    Xiaomi Ties With Kingsoft in Cloud

    "High profile smartphone maker Xioami is making headlines with word that it has purchased a stake in a unit of software maker Kingsoft , in what could be the first in a new wave of tie-ups for this fast-rising company that aspires to be like global tech giant Apple."
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