Which antivirus is the best?

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Subgud, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. Subgud

    Subgud Registered Member

    Nov 6, 2008
    What is the best antivirus today?

    The answer to that question is simple. It is the one you prefer! I have been one of those antivirus hookers. I have swithed antivirus every
    second day in my paranoia of beeing infected. And my wife, well, she has not been to happy about that. Because if a antivirus has not been good enough
    for my protection, why should it be good enough got her computer?

    So after some thinking I decided to try out what is the best antivirus for me. I am not stupid enough to damage my own computer so I installed
    W7 32bit via oracle virtualbox, updated W7 with the latest updates from microsoft and hit the virus highway. I used IE8 for my testing.

    I am not an security expert. For example I dont know the difference between a rootkit and a
    trojan or a rouge. But I do know that if and when I get infected it is hard to remove whatever that has hit me.

    So I decided to test antivirus/suites by installing them on a clean machine, go to malwaredomainlist and just hit the links I could find.
    I did not do anything about the settings in any of the antivirus/suites that I testet. All settings where default. After each test I put W7 back to the
    original state and started all over again.

    For me and my wife I wanted something that do prevent things from entering my computer. I did not scan with the antivirus/suite afterwards. I did
    a scan with malwarebytes& hitmanPRo to see what they could find. This is because I do belive that if you get infected then the antivirus is not
    good enough. I am not afraid to se questions from the antivirus/suite, but I prefer that it does everything by itself.

    Many of theese antivirus/suites I have tried before in realtime on my computer, but I have not tried to get infected with them. So it is fair to say
    that I am familiare with many of them.

    I tested the following antivirus/suites.

    Avast free
    AVG internet security 9
    Avira premium
    Panda IS 2011
    Gdata IS 2011
    Comodo IS 4.xx(latest from theire website)
    Eset smart security 4.2
    Bitdefender antivirus 2011
    Norton 360 V4
    Trend Micro IS PRO 17.5

    Kaspersky IS 2011 would not install. Neither would Norman internet security.

    All programs I`ve tested I've downloaded from theire vendors homepage so they where all the latest version.

    To make a long story short... I am not going to choose Avast, avg, avira, panda, Eset and bitdefender to protect my computer. They let through alot of
    different things and almost everyone of them made me eventually reset my machine and abort the test after malware took control. All of them let a malware called "Security Tool" install. This
    malware blocked every process I tried to run. It even blocked the antivirus itself, malwarebytes and Hitman PRO.

    Gdata was really good. It didnt let through a ting. Blocked everything, no traces, nada, njet, nothing.

    Comodo asked some questions, but alot fewer than I expected. Comodo did also block everything and left no trace of anything.

    Norton 360 was also very good. It did ask some questions but it blocked everything as well. The strange ting was that when I restarted my virtual machine
    360 reported that there was an infection on my machine but it had blocked it. So obviously there where something there.

    Trend Micro really surpriced me! I did not leave it much of a chance based on every bad review I have been reading about it. But the toolbar that installed
    in my browser blocked every single thing. I thought that there must have been something wrong so I did surfe for a while on normal websites to check,
    but it was working. It did leave some traces in the temp files and it did leave a trojan behind.

    So what is the best antivirus for me? I will choose between comodo and Gdata. I have a license for both of them. I know that Gdata is some kind of
    sluggish and it use som resources. I have intel i5 m430 2.27 ghz and 4GB ram on a 64bit system so it is not my computer that is slow.

    Comodo on the other hand will ask some questions, but its prevention is top class!! And the defense+ settings where you can view active processes, terminate and kill them is something every antivirus/suite should have.

    Well that was just some thought I would like to share with you guys. Please dont chose your antivirus based on this article. I am not a expert. I just
    want to show you that with a little effort you can test out security suites for yourself and make up your own mind based on what you see. Not just
    what you see on youtube or read in some review in a magazine.

    Cheers and please bear over with me on my english. I`m from Norway so english is not my daily language.
  2. pkz77

    pkz77 Registered Member

    Dec 21, 2008
  3. Yanix

    Yanix Registered Member

    Jul 3, 2009

    Why do you compare Antivirus and Security Suites ??

    Security suites have more layers of protection its normal if they block more things, if you want to compare protection softwares choose those in the same category.
  4. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003
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