Where is George?

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by controler, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. controler

    controler Guest

    The information obtained form a site like this can be used for many things.

    What do you think about Where is George?

  2. Northrad

    Northrad Guest

    Where's the George has come in very handy. They found that the spread of diseases like the "bird flu" follow closely the path money travels (shockingly close). The Center for Disease control is using these stats for spread/and timeline predictions all other diseases. I

    It's the best source they have found to predict and reseach people movements and interactions without being too intrusive.
  3. controler

    controler Guest

    This was a great idea:D

    We all know the biggest spreader of germs is money.
    Not many people actualy remember that. SInce the inception of plastic things were thought to have gotten better. No matter how Techno the world gets,
    A pandemic occures every 100 years.
    As people in tghe past have come here and said rootkits are something of the future, They will maybe post to this thread the same.
    If the bird flu does not do the damage, something else will. Viri are not stupid and they adaptg far better then you can imagine.
    They & bacteria control the earth. They are the wizards not us.
    If the bird flu mutates and it will, 60% of the people you know will die.

    How about we just waite and see what happens.

    medical workers will not want to go to work,
    Normal people will try stay in their home as long as they can
    transportation will stop
    people that take meds will be s out of luck.

    Will you be the one that digs huge graves ?
    WIll you be the one that burns bodies?
    WIll you be the one that just sits in their own comfort and tries to ride it out?
    WIll other countries try to take advantage of the sick?

    You are now entering the twilight zone.

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