What the hell is Sysfader.exe ?

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by tempnexus, Mar 12, 2004.

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  1. JBrowne

    JBrowne Guest


    I have been experiencing Sysfader problems as well, though they mostly concerned themselves with email issues (got messages popping up, etc)

    That does not concern me, what concerns me is:

    Is Sysfader a keylogger in any shape or form?

    i have accesed highly sensitive financial information on my computer that now has this problem, should I go about changing it?


    J. Browne
  2. Rashea

    Rashea Guest

    I had the SysFader attack too but I was able to stop it with Windows Task Manager. I really wann kno what it is because if it's a virus I wanna figure out how to get rid of it. But if it's a Microsoft dll then I wanna figure out why it's actin like an idiot! >__<
  3. I was able to stop this problem (WindowsXP Pro) by unchecking "Enable page transitions" under the "Advanced" tab in Internet Proberties for Internet Explorer and unchecking "... page transition effects for menus ..." in Display Properties under "Appearance," "Effects." I didn't try to determine whether it was necessary to do both actions, but I have not had a problem with SysFader since disabling these two items. Hope this helps.
  4. Sorry all. Please disregard my previous message (disabling page transitions). SysFader error has come back......
  5. Shalina

    Shalina Guest

    SysFader is Driving me Crazy!!

    Hi Everyone.

    After reading all the posts here, I want to expose my problem, I have a network with 6 Computers (WinXP Pro) And a PC with WIN2003 Server, and when I attempt to open a file (TXT, DOC, XLS, BMP) It open 2 minutes later..., When I disconnected the pcs from the network it worked fine, the files where opening as fast as usual, but when I connected Again, the files where slow to open again. I start wondering what was going on, and then I opened the task manager while the file was loading, at the taskmgr I saw the famous "SYSFADER.EXE" executing. Oh My!, I searched it over the net and now I'm really confused, we don't use Internet at those machines, and we only installed an Accounting Software a few days ago..

    What can I do? is that a "Fade Effect" Thing, Is a Trojan? or it's a major thing?. Does anyone here solved the problem with a posted Solution?.

  6. Megatronsin

    Megatronsin Guest

    Anyone who having problems by any chance using cordless mouse/keyboards.

    Ive spent the last hour trying to figure out why

    a) nothing would open without right clicking and selecting open
    b) i couldnt click back when going through the folders or links on
    c) Why double click wouldnt work.

    Today was the problem when i installed my Logitech MX300 keyboard (the MX1000 mouse worked fine up til then)

    Noticing for the first time that sysfader would show up, google brought me here, and i tried some of the fixes.

    Restarting for the last time, still not able to make anything work, i thought, ill try my usb corded mouse, which is still plugged in in case the cordless croaks, and it works fine. All the menus and buttons that didnt work now work. Also noticed that i have 2 MX1000's listed in the setpoint config. So am now gonna uninstall the setpoint stuff and try and get both cordless devices working nice together.
  7. SexIsGood4U

    SexIsGood4U Registered Member

    Apr 8, 2005
    Re: SysFader is Driving me Crazy!!

    Sysfader lukes within. I would like to ask afew firstly. Do all your PC's have this problem, or just one?

    You mentioned that you have networked 6 pc's. What are you using? (hub, switch - brand andmodel if possible)??

    Have you checked each PC how many packets they are receiving and sending??

    What configuration are your pc's. Might be the lacking cpu or RAM ?? (just a guess)

    Is the problem, with your pc with WIN2003 Server? (if so, change it with a pc without the issue. (going by what you have said so far, hard ware configuration are the same)

    Sysfader is a hard one to answer. It's not within your hard drive, but I reckon it's a bios issue. I own a computer business, along with a internet cafe. One of my pc's had this problem and I swapped all the hardware one by one. Leaving the motherboard to last. And no more bloody issue. I don't have the pleasure of wasting time to find the problem but to solve it as quickly as possible. Cost of efficiency is what I come down to. One less pc means your efficiency is not maximised. I would assume that is the way you would look at it as well ;)

    Kind Regards
    SIG4U :D
  8. SexIsGood4U

    SexIsGood4U Registered Member

    Apr 8, 2005
    Hi Megatronsin,

    Try un-installing your old programm from your previous keybaord and mouse. Then installing your new keyboard and mouse programm. Then open each of those programms and check what the default settings are ;)
    You might want to change them around to your own liking. I had to change mine. The wheel on my mouse button would take me back to windows. :mad: So if I was playing games and accidently hit the wheel on me mouse.... BANG, im back on the windows screen.... aaarrrrhhhhhh. Too late, someone just shot me. :'(

    Let me know how you go. Hope we don't have to take your matter to far on the technical side ;)

    Kind Regards
  9. Mario

    Mario Guest

    Thanks, this fixed my ie hanging problem.

  10. niggiebro

    niggiebro Registered Member

    Aug 6, 2005
    Hey All,

    Had all the symtom as everyone on Google search. I noticed in Task Manager a program that had 5 to 6 characters, letters and numbers, all in Caps, esp (ZH3B3A.EXE), that chanced after every start-up and end task. This file is located in the C:\WINDOWS\TEMP. It can't be deleted, but can be moved and end tasked, only to come back as a different named file. Its icon is a "LITTLE DOG". What worked for me is using the newest version of ZoneAlarm Pro., that has a "KILL" option in it Program section. It allows you to add the program for you to control it. After that I have not had a problem. I believe it to be a new virus that the AV developers haven't created a definition for. I found it on 3 of my systems as we all share files with one another. Check to see if that "LITTLE DOG" is on your system! If so, that has to be the "SYSFADER"!!!
  11. niggiebro

    niggiebro Registered Member

    Aug 6, 2005
    Hey all,

    I was wrong about the little dog file, it was part of the Trend Micro AV software I use! :D

    FYI, I just updated my Windows using Windows Update and all is work great!!! :D I believe this update did the trick: Cumulative Security Update for IE for WinXP: KB896727

    Apparently it fixed what M$ missed up in the first place with the update before this one! :mad:

    Oh yeah before you can use Windows Update you have to DL and install "Windows Genuine Advantage" software that checks to make sure your copy of Windows is authentic and licensed to you. ;)
  12. Vingaard

    Vingaard Registered Member

    Aug 14, 2005
  13. bcearl

    bcearl Guest

    I've tried everythinglisted on this discussion. Nothing worked. It has nothing to do with the Fade Effect, etc. I have a NVIDIA Geforce3 Ti 200 with NVIDIA drivers. I found that NVIDIA wasn't to blame for this. Turns out I have a HP PSC 2355 so I disabled "hpcmpmgr.exe" from startup using msconfig. Turns out this was the problem, which makes sense now because sysfader.exe began showing up around the time I got my printer. Anywho, for anyone who has an HP printer, this is probabaly your reason why! Just disabling hpcmpmgr.exe from startup should fix all HP related sysfader.exe problems. Good luck!
  14. greenf

    greenf Guest

    how do you disable it from startup because so far nothing else has worked for me to get rid of this.
  15. bcearl

    bcearl Guest

    Go to Start -> Run and type msconfig. Under the startup tab, deselect hpcmpmgr. Under the General tab, it should automatically change from Normal Startup to Selective Startup.
  16. duckman

    duckman Guest

    I uninstalled mcafee virus protection and that got ride of it for me.
  17. coil

    coil Registered Member

    Sep 11, 2005
    If you run Task Manager (Ctl+Alt+Del), then switch to it's "Applications" tab, then press "Start(button)->Turn Off Computer(Start Menu option)", you will see SysFader appear in the Applications list of Task Manager as the desktop ***fades to grayscale*** (leaving only the shutdown window in color).

    Thus "SysFader" is a system fader.
  18. Solution...

    Solution... Guest

    sysfader.exe is an process belonging to the Nvidia graphics device range and is bundled alongside these products. This is a non-critical system process although it should not be terminated unless suspected of causing problems.
  19. smeea

    smeea Guest

    I found a fix. As the sysfader comes from nVidia, download a new driver to your desktop, delete all nVidia drivers with the add/remove program, reboot, load the new driver and reboot. Haven't seen it since.
  20. smeea

    smeea Guest

    Clarification: sysfader 'may' be a part of XP, but the nVidia software appears to have caused the problem/conflict (I couldn't shut off my computer due to the sysfader not ending.) So removing ALL nVidia drivers with Windows add/remove program function got rid of the registry entries that appear to have been causing the conflict ... loading the new nVidia driver after reboot seems to have resolved the conflict. It worked for me.
  21. RutDog

    RutDog Guest

    This thread is great. Sysfader is a pain when it "breaks". Every time I shut down my machine i had to EndProcess on it four or five times.

    So, first my configuration, and at the bottom, how I fixed it, with help from this thread.

    I have an HP Laptop, fully updated XP Peronsal SP2, running McAfee AV and Sybot S&D inoculated.

    As mentioned, it does not appear to be malware, and was not detected by Spybot, Bazooka, or McAfee.

    I have an ATI graphics card that has no similar option as described for the nVidia card.

    And I found turning off some of those XP standard effects not so easy on my 40 year old eyes.

    So I went to WindowsUpdate and downloaded all the non-critical updates I'd been ignoring for months: drivers for modem, ethernet, wireless ethernet, touchpad, outlook fixes, just about everything.

    Somehow, that did it. No more sysfader problems. And, as a bonus, my touchpad works better. :)

    Good luck to y'all.
  22. sco1234

    sco1234 Guest

    This worked for me with the sysfader issue. I had downloaded XP Service Pack 2 and it came with a firewall which conflicted with MCAfee. When I disbaled the firewall from SP2, the sysfader issued diappeared. Good luck.
  23. death Joker

    death Joker Guest

    sysfader.exe is an process belonging to the Nvidia graphics device range and is bundled alongside these products. This is a non-critical system process although it should not be terminated unless suspected of causing problems
  24. ntrinzik

    ntrinzik Guest

    Ok, look... multiple people have stated that it caused by Nvidia drivers right after someone says "I have ATI".. so here's the deal .. its because it is part of windows, and Nvidia drivers have a custom one included in their driver set... so please, for the love of god, stop saying "it nvidia", because thats not whats affecting everyone.

  25. Db8366

    Db8366 Guest

    I would now think Sysfader is just a IE quirk and really nothing to worry about at all, so many people think are so paranoid that it is a virus,spyware etc...don't lose sleep over it....
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