What is your anti-ransomware & data protection?

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  1. My anti-ransomeware / data protection is

    My Desktop (Windows 10 Pro)
    1 Level 1: Quick backup disk (only business documents, no personal pictures/movies)
    a) only allowed to modify by Admin (Access Control List)
    b) disk is set read only using Secure Folders Free, only allowing Syncback Free to write
    c) Syncback runs elevated on demand (a couple a times per day)

    My Wife's laptop (Windows 7 Ultimate)
    1. Level 1: Kapersky Anti-Ransomware for business free

    2. Level 2: NAS weekly backup
    a) scheduled at Sunday night (starts at 01:00 ends at 06:00)
    b) internet (WAN) and Wifi (LAN) are shut down during NAS (in router)
    c) collects business documents from my desktop, pictures from wife's laptop
    d) cross saving data with syncback (laptop data on my desktop and vice versa)
    e) network is partitioned the rest of the week (so my desktop can't touch wife's laptop).

    3 Level 3: Monthly USB syncback with NAS
    a) schedules at first Monday of the month (starts at 10:00 ends at 16:00), runs on wife's laptop
    b) USB-disk rotates (I have got two, one at home and one at another location)

    I looked for a cloud service, but we have nearly two TB of pictures gathered from al our holidays (wife is amateur photographer, she shoots around 20-50 GB per holiday), it is just to expensive IMO when compared with data loss risk, althoug ransomware news (FUD) has me triggered. Strato costs 20 euro per month for 2 TB, but next holiday we will pass 2 TB data, so it would cost 50 euro per month. So I think I will be using my half baked solution for some time. The cost of a decent router+NAS+2*USB-disk is one year cloud backup, so convienance loses from costs
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  2. Minimalist

    Minimalist Registered Member

    Jan 6, 2014
    Windows 7 x64

    Daily system image backup using Macrium (once a week full image is created then incremental each day of week).
    Frequently changing data is daily copied to other disk using batch file and scheduler (data from SSD is copied to HDD and vice versa).
    Once a week I copy my data and system image files to external HDD. I have 2 drives and rotate them each week.
    I use Sandboxie to restrict Firefox from accessing my personal data.

    I use no online backup at the moment.
  3. SHvFl

    SHvFl Registered Member

    May 7, 2015
    Daily backup.
    All important documents are saved in a cloud service that offers 2 step authentication. Every night Macrium Reflect takes a backup on another drive which only applications with Admin can write(UAC is at max,MR runs as admin at that time). Don't find this 100% secure but don't know of a better idea.

    Weekly backup
    I have Macrium Reflect running a full disk image and i have to manually connect the external drive for the backup to happen. I wish i could also use a cloud service for my whole drive image but my upload speed is so bad that it's not possible.
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  4. My take: a proper data backup/recovery feature should be part of any (security) setup
  5. ArchiveX

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    Apr 7, 2014
    1. Leave no Personal files inside my PCs.

    2. Use Macrium Reflect > External Drives.
  6. Osaban

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    Apr 11, 2005
    My middle finger first. I never keep any sensitive data on my computers. Five external USB drives are my data bank using Macrium and plain data storage . Last but not least my layered defense... No chance here...
  7. PaleDark

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    Nov 30, 2015
    I don't use back-up/recovery function.

    Instead I store duplicate stuff* on all my 4 laptops + 2 clouds.

    *Stuff referring to photos only.
  8. ExtremeGamerBR

    ExtremeGamerBR Registered Member

    Aug 3, 2010
    AV Protection: Windows Defender
    Virtualization: Shadow Defender (In my system HD and my internal backup HD)
    To block ransonware execution (Firefox/Chrome): Sandboxie
    Data protection: Cloud + 2 offlines HDs.
  9. Rasheed187

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    Jul 10, 2004
    The Netherlands
    I protect my most important data with Sandboxie and SpyShelter. I would also like to use specialized anti-ransomware tools like HMPA and MBARW, but because of certain reasons I have chosen not to do so, at least not yet.