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Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by Snoop3, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. Snoop3

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    Jan 2, 2011
    was wondering if anyone knows what this address is:


    i signed up a few hours ago for a windows Live.com acct to get their program called "Windows Live Photo Gallery" to run with all features and now even though i've closed the program there is gobs and gobs of data being uploaded - at least 14 MB and running i think to this connection and overall about 45 MB and running to about 4 main connections....

    StatBar sees the uploading data but NetMeter sees nothing....TCPView sees it...Avast ISS sees the connection but won't trace it or give details for some reason, which is strange - i don't remember that before...

    the process shows up as AvastSvc.exe(on TCPview and Avast's firewall section of ISS) so i can't kill it but i don't think that's it because i complained to them about something similar last year and they said its could be another program that shows up like that for some reason....

    am i on the gov't ~ Snipped as per TOS ~ or something?

    EDIT: i think part of the problem, when i signed up or that "Windows Live Photo Gallery" they had like 4 other programs/options that they wanted me to install but i unchecked them...even so i noticed in my tray this damn icon shows up and it was something like "Windows Live Mesh" (or Sync?)or something like that and it had horizontal arrows to the left and on the icon and it just starts running from out of nowhere even though i signed up with a brand new email addy so there's no way i had any kind of sync set up....i killed it from the tray but i think that is/was the problem and i'm on mobile broadband and my speeds have just gone down the drain since...

    any ideas? do i need to uninstall Windows Messenger or something, i don't even use it...i remember that could be a problem...
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