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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by kurtiss, Feb 8, 2004.

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  1. kurtiss

    kurtiss Guest

    i have been on porn pages i got nailed by a phone dialer or modem hijacker
    the program is net run and yes it did reinstall itself every time i rebooted and it installed a thousand porn pages to my favorites catery also i tryed all types of things to get ride of it
    the best solution was to format and reistall then i used adware 6.0 which is still on,i also have guard-ie in my internet explorer internet explorer is 5.5
    i cannot upgrade as some thing in my computer doesn't like it upgraded so i use 5.5
    also i have pop up stopper profesional and zone alarm the free version which i got a key code after i made a paypal donation to the company
    also running is killad which is just a window pop up blocker
    in calgary were i live i have a block put onto my telephone were i stop all long distance calling and it stops all calls that go out with the prefex 1 or 0 telephone numbers which also helps
    now for my questions
    a:how do i trace back the skum who puts theses things on the computero_O
    b:were is there if any software that can tell me what is being downloaded with out myknowledge
    or what as part of internet explorer normal sesion on the internet:it normal bringing into my computer ....the jepegs giffs the documents all websites all the outher garbage :is there no logger i can download or any program i can get that will block any giffs or unwanted documents or web pages is there nothing to stop unwanted materialo_O
    c:how now that i have a firewall :zone alarm:do i keep getting security alerts "do i want to download a certain program that has certifactes like flash player or something else"
    i truly belive they still install something ...
    why do i belive this because my mouse seems to all ways be workin its hour glass works then for a few secounds goes back to normal then for a few secounds goes back to thinging again and repeats this process all day long
    i know that zone alarm is running but this even happens when i turn all my anti spam anti add programs off
    now i love my porn but i hate these spam bastards how do i keep my stem clean after i download what i want how outher than formating do i keep my sestem kleen of unwanted parasiteso_O
  2. Dan Perez

    Dan Perez Retired Moderator

    May 18, 2003
    Sunny San Diego
  3. Bethrezen

    Bethrezen Registered Member

    Apr 16, 2002

    you could try spyware stopper it has the funtion to lock active x to stop drive by installes which would stop this stuff from geting on your system you couls also try spyblocker as well there not free but thay do have a free trial of 15 day


    you could also try Spybot S&D that also has a funtion to lock active x to stop drive by installs this is free


    or you can try ie spy ad will ad a hugh list of sights to ie restricted sights list which stops thoughs sights from doing things like drive by installs this is also free


    hope this helps
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