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    Jan 2, 2008
    AOL was the big impetus for many to get on and experience the web.
    Their social gathering methods were copied by many.
    Now, Instead of going to AOL, AOL comes to you, sort of.
    You can get that AOL feel back by using Firefox chat Add-ons but for every website you visit.

    Communication plugin, which allows you to talk with others, who are watching any site with you at the same time!!! Rooms on the sites ARE DIFFERENT - if you write posts on "www.google.ru", people CAN`T see them on "www.yahoo.com"!

    A simple and useful live web chat application for connecting other visitors of websites.
    If you are a firefox user, you can see other Visitrs users on your favorite sites, and begin chatting with them instantly.
    Also has a Google Chrome Extension.

    As you browse the Web, the ShopTalk sidebar shows you the conversations about the page or site you are viewing right now. You can enter the conversation by simply typing a message into the sidebar, pressing enter and it will be broadcast to others viewing the page and using the ShopTalk sidebar.

    An innovative and free Internet service that let you see and chat with anyone else visiting same website. As soon as WoozTalk is installed on your computer, when you visit one of your favorite websites with your web browser, you will see other net surfers also connected to this site and you can discuss with them.

    The following specializes in social networks only, not web wide.

    All your social networks and instant messaging in one easy to use app - it's the #1 downloaded social networking add-on for Firefox.

    Before using any Add-on make sure that it was reviewed.
Thread Status:
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