Warning to all PC users about Spy Falcon and Spyware Quake this weekend

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by PrevxCares, May 26, 2006.

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  1. PrevxCares

    PrevxCares Registered Member

    Dec 31, 2005
    Prevx, would like to warn all PC users to be especially vigilant this weekend. There is likely to be an epidemic of Spy Falcon and Spyware Quake.

    We have been reviewing statistics of infections based on the seasonal trends. The week before end of month pay days is always much quiter in terms of infection rates. This is then typically followed by a massive increase between the 28th and 3rd of the following month.

    Clearly, spyware outfits ride the buying patterns of those they are trying to infect. I suppose this is logical. More credit card purchases occur at the end of the month following pay day than at other times.

    For example last month end we saw a surge of 50% in new users downloading Prevx1 specifically to remove Spy Falcon, Spyware Quake or Trojan.MitGlieder.GB. More than 1,000 new users per day were found to have one or more of these infections when we scanned their systems upon install. Clearly, we are still a relatively small vendor and therefore the number of users at large who were infected must have been huge, we estimate hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

    Many products have struggled with these infections. Either not stopping them and frequently being unable to remove them completely. This is because the operators who drive these things are creating 15 or 20 new versions of their malicious wares every week. No wonder many products are finding it hard to keep pace. Our community approach is allowing us to see these much faster than others. This week we have seen 30 new variations of these nasty infections. In addition we are seeing these act as carriers for many other spyware products such as MSSearchNet.

    This weekend is therefore a time to be ultra cautious, these spyware operators will realize that holiday period is looming and therefore this pay day will be a bumper time for e-commerce transactions. We suspect that the number of people who will be newly infected/reinfected because they have inadequate security will run in to several hundred thousand over the next few days.

    Prevx therefore urges all users to ensure their security products are fully up to date. Obviously we'd be pleased for you to bolster your defences with Prevx1. But either way take care.

    Prevx cares
  2. Spiral Photo

    Spiral Photo Registered Member

    Jun 5, 2006
    I found this site through Googling "Spyware Quake".

    I have an issue regarding this software that I can't seem to find anywhere on the net. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that was infected with this ugly ware this morning, and not only has it given me the typical symptoms that I see described everywhere, but the one time I tried to reboot, it failed. Now the thing won't boot up AT ALL.

    When I turn the power on, it tells me that Windows did not start successfully, and that I have the option of continuing the boot normally, with/without networking, or in safe mode with/without a prompt. NONE of these options work. No matter what option I try, it tries to continue to boot, gives me the Windows XP splash screen, then it will give me a microsecond flash of a bluescreen of death before attempting to restart and giving me the boot options again. It will continue like this in a loop until I finally just give up and cut the power altogether. I finally decided to find forums regarding this issue using my desktop.
    Is this a Toshiba thing?

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