W7 copy/overwrite to USB "not enough space"

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Longboard, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Longboard

    Longboard Registered Member

    Oct 2, 2004
    Sydney, Australia
    Have new W7 x64 install on work desktop.

    Have a data file I update almost daily by copy/paste to USB stick.
    Mission critical: I keep the USB physically close and can use the data file at separate locations and machines not networked or www connected.

    Will often have changed data overnight, depending on circumstances: can therefore copy back to primary workstation/server in AM or over weekend.
    Somewhat simplistic system: has NEVER failed in 10 yrs.

    The file that I copy/update from the desktop is 150mb +/- doesnt change much day to day, growing slowly.
    The USB is 512mb with 400mb used ( has other files on it)

    In XP the copy paste option showed:
    " file of same name is present: replace YES/NO" dialogue:
    hit yes and XP overwrote the file.
    Never a problem.
    Have trained my staff how to do this.

    Now in W7 I try "copy/paste" or "move/copy here" and get message;
    "not enough space".
    No " Copy/Replace/Overwrite" dialogue ??
    WOT? :blink:

    If I was trying to write a new file to the disc of that size: sure, not enough space, no problem.
    Not trying to write new file; just overwrite existing file with updated file.

    Have tried to find why file handling is different; no answers apparent.
    Lots of frustrated peeps on various forums.

    Is there some option I am not aware of ?

    Have tested with XP system : no problem.

    Work around?

    Does this mean that with W7, on any removable storage, to copy update any file, there has to be empty space on the target larger than the file to be copied/updated. ?

    This must be some bug or ridiculous 'security' compromise.
    How can such a simple and effective option be deprecated like this?
    Will really screw up how I do some backups, copy updated data files, correspondence files that are added to then backed, photo/video files etc etc.
    Does this apply to cloud based storage.?

    Any answers as to how to get back that function in W7?

    Not interested in deleting >> writing new file.
    This is not specifically a sync operation.
    ( I suppose it could be: dont really trust syncs too well ).

    Dont really want to go to Teracopy, Killcopy, Robocopy, Fast Copy etc or some sync process unless I have to: have to retrain the staff, and household !!
    Cloud is an option: reliability?, and our upload time is awful.

    I could .... buy a bigger USB! ... ;) , but this new 'default' is giving me the pip.

    Also there is the potential problem of copying large files to external HD and/or NAS drives to look at :mad:

    If I go to something like Classic Shell:
    Does some of the functionality change back ?

    I imagine other W7 users have seen this?
    AS ever, any advices received with thx.

    >Rant on<
    Seriously, after 10 good years with XP, making a change to W7 is a constant journey of discovery !!
    Why is MS making the useability progressively more demanding?
    Seriously: W8 looks like finger-painting in native form !!
    I dont want a touch screen or a tablet interface or a smartphone at my desk.
    I have had to move to W7 for upgrades to business systems, home will follow on, but, so far, there has been nothing I am better off with in W7.
    >Rant off<
  2. Longboard

    Longboard Registered Member

    Oct 2, 2004
    Sydney, Australia
    Ah: noone interested ?

    Found some info to "explain":
    So: getting a bigger USB stick/drive is the obvious easy way out.
    Seems a bit silly really: waht happens when that drive is nearly full: get a bigger one and so on ....
    Just toss the rest away.

    Slight digression from OT:
    I know its a bit 'old fashioned' but I hate just tossing stuff .. because.

    The USB stick I'm referring to has been good, the 'system' I have adopted has been good.
    Suppose its time to move up.

    It's bad that in the last 2 years I have 'decomissioned' 2 towers, 2 routers, 1 server and various peripherals due to 'end of life' ; all still worked well, but demands of newer software have meant; that's all folks.

    I took down an older Lenovothinkpad T61 XP Pro; from the shelf last week: now 5yrs old.
    Hadnt needed to boot it for about 2 years: turned it on: Zoom.
    Great tool at the time, still working, handled the XP updates: humming along. I do love the liitle black battle ships :)
    Now selling for $250.
    That at least can be given away.
    ( I might keep it ;) )

    I dont have a need for latest i7 chips and massive graphics support.
    My old HP laserjet is running like a top.
    ROuters and switches all good.
    Have the usual odd lengths of Cat5, mouses, keyboards, screens, connectors etc stuffed in a box

    There is no easy way to dispose of these HWs, even though they are still in good working order: at the very least will run XP, or Linux.
    Sometimes cant even give them away.
    No easy donation channels for outmoded HW.
    Not even easy to recycle.
    Millions of tons of tech waste every year: where does ot go apart from poisoning waterways and children in India.

    Replacements for all the newer HW have cost thousands.

    I hate tossing stuff out that still works.
    Its awful that we have come regard $1000+ tools as 'disposable'
    Just have to nut up and go through the debris.

    If any one in NSW knows a good charity: let me know.

    Then to top it off: son's school has just sent out a letter telling us they have arranged bulk lease for school of MacBook Pro 13" 8G/500G.
    Holy Moly: ... he is 11. :eek:
    Not bad: I think I got second hand Meccano at 11. LOL
    Now we give our children $1400 computers to walk around with !!
    How do we teach values if that is now the default ?
    Never mind that 1/2 the parents think the "Laptop Programme" and 'child centered self guided learning' is utterly flawed, and that there is good research showing laptops do NOt improve school outcomes ( what works is pen and paper !! ), there is business to do.

    I'm such an old fart now. :blink:
    Long way from OT now methinks.

    ANy comments re "turnover time for HW in a microbusiness/home environment" ??
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