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    Aliases : Nolor
    Type : Win32 worm

    W32/Cailont-A is an internet worm which sends itself out by email.

    W32/Cailont-A creates seven files in your system folder. The files explorer.exe, kernel32.exe, netdll.dll and serscg.dll are copies of the worm. The file setup.htm is a web page containing a Visual Basic Script which creates and launches the worm (this identity detects this file as VBS/Cailont-A). The files Netsn.dll and Bsbk.dll are raw base64-encoded copies of the worm and script files (these files are harmless on their own and can be deleted).

    W32/Cailont-A adds the value:

    explorer = "\SYSTEM\FOLDER\explorer.exe"

    to the registry key:


    This means that the worm will run automatically every time you start your computer.

    W32/Cailont-A sends emails with the following characteristics:

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.