W2K Universal Restore - get past ntoskrnl and HAL

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Michael777, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. Michael777

    Michael777 Registered Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    After many successful Universal restores into a VPC2004 VM, this one is causing trouble.

    - Image (W2K) of entire disk using my trusty TI9.0.2337
    - Universal restore using TI9.1.3633UR
    - Boot menu comes up, but all paths from there (OS or Recovery Console) lead to 100% CPU ultilization. All attempts to get to the RC result in a blinking cursor.

    If not in safe mode, the Windows character fuel guage freezes after 3 or 4 blocks. If in safe mode, I get:


    I can BartPE into the C: partition, everyhting looks fine.
    UR did its thing, replaced hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe, etc.
    MBR obviously works, C: is recognized, HAL loads...
    Just stops at system?

    During restore I do (always) get asked for the location of a missing ntoskrnl.exe. Pointing it to the system32 directory on the original box (still running on the network) has worked in the past. Not this time.
  2. Michael777

    Michael777 Registered Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    Tried to restore again, same result.

    During restore I get this, apci.jpg.

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  3. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello Michael777,

    Thank you for choosing Acronis Software.

    Please create Acronis Report and Linux system information (sysinfo.txt) as it is described in Acronis Help Post and submit a request for technical support. Attach the collected report file and information to your request along with the step-by-step description of the actions taken before the problem appears and the link to this thread. We will investigate the problem and try to provide you with the solution.

    Thank you.
    Kirill Omelchenko
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