VPN makes my DDoS protection to kick in

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    Aug 8, 2013
    Recently, whenever I download things while connected to my VPN, my MAC Adress will be blacklisted on my router's DDoS protection.

    You can see here that my IP/MAC are blacklisted: https://i.imgur.com/SmCCzt0.png
    Here are the security settings related to DoS: https://i.imgur.com/RPeaGwp.png

    ICMP-Flood prevention is set to 50 packets/second.
    UDP-Floor prevention is set to 500 packates/second.
    TCP-SYN-FLOOD prevention is set to 50 packets/second.

    All these values are default.

    I changed the interval from 5 to 10 seconds, but that didn't do it. I always had a 5 second interval.

    VPN is allowed: https://i.imgur.com/QQRyPa2.png

    Any ideas why this would happen?

    This started happening with qBittorrent as well.

    Also, it started happening after I changed ISP. Now I have two routers:
    • The first router receives the signal from ISP;
    • Since there are Windows machines using this router, I decided to plug it's LAN connector (1st port) to my WAN port on the second router (the one from the images). This router then has some Firewall protection, mostly to deny all non-solicited incoming packets;
    • It happened on the old ISP as well, sometimes when I was playing Counter Strike.
    I just re-installed Arch Linux today, just flashed my BIOS with the latest official image, and just flashed the router with the latest firmware image. My system is not compromised in anyway.

    I use Autistici VPN, which always worked fine with this router.

    BTW, I only download Legal software. I can't install big packages from Arch's repos, or download FlightGear from GIT. This is very frustrating.
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